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Know Your Marketer: Part 2

Assessing marketers' barriers to direct mail speed, timing and performance.
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Know Your Marketer: Part 1

Assessing marketers' barriers to direct mail rates and promotions.

Direct Mail – The Foundation of Your Integrated Marketing Mix

Savvy marketers know the recipe for a successful campaign lies in an integrated approach. And direct mail remains one of the most critical elements of a thoughtful omnichannel marketing plan.

Marketers: Word of Direct Mail’s Demise is FAKE NEWS!

The truth is it’s hot! Why? Because direct mail complements digital!

Envelope Hot Spots: Grab Attention and Get Results

Why leave your direct mail efforts to chance when you can lean on science and direct mail testing to increase response?

The ‘Age of Distraction’: How Direct Mail Can Aid in Marketing’s Battle For Your Customer's Attention

Much has been written about the ‘Age of Distraction’. Case in point, this article in MarketScale or the announcements by the NBA, NFL and others that they are seeking ways to shorten games to battle their viewers shrinking attention span.

4 Things You Need to Know to Get Your Envelope Noticed

I recently had the opportunity to speak to members of the Kansas City Mail Systems Management Association (KCMSMA) about the use of color, texture and images to make the most of your envelope.

Direct Mail: Still Not Dead

When speaking of Direct Mail I am often reminded of the Mark Twain quote “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”. So is true of Direct Mail.

The Marketing Vehicle That Grabs Your Target's Attention

The greatest marketing challenge of our time is simply gaining our audience’s attention. In this overly connected, hyper-personalized, instant gratification society, finding an audience and keeping that audience’s attention is very difficult.


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