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DMB Acquisition vs Retention

Direct Mail Lists: Acquisition vs. Retention Lists

Tension's Direct Mail Basics series continues with this installment of Acquisition vs Retention lists.

Product Spotlight: 3 Ways to Create a Brilliant Direct Mailpiece

Make a good first impression in the mailbox with an envelope made with metallic paper, ink or foil.

Very Important Partners: The Direct Mail Ecosystem

Get to know your direct mail ecosystem.
Direct Mail

Understanding the Major Steps of a Direct Mail Campaign

Learn the major steps of a direct mail campaign.
sticky notepad

Product Spotlight: Sticky Notepads

Learn about the benefits of a customizable sticky notepad.
direct mail testing

Why Your Direct Mail Campaign Needs A/B Testing

Tips for direct mail testing.
group of marketing professionals

Know Your Marketer: The Top 5 Reservations Marketers Have About Direct Mail

Learn how to speak to marketers about their hesitation to do a direct mail campaign.
purple metallic envelope

Product Spotlight: Metallic Paper Envelopes

Learn about Tension's lustrous, shiny metallic paper envelopes.
direct mail timeline

How Long Does It Take to Do a Direct Mail Campaign?

Estimate the time you need for your direct mail campaign.
postcard and envelope mailings

How to Optimize Your Envelope or Postcard Mailings

Learn how to optimize your envelope or postcard mailing.


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