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Vertically Grooved Embossed Envelopes

Textured envelopes are known for capturing attention. Tactile elements get noticed right away – the texture can be felt as soon as the recipient removes the envelopes from the mailbox and sorts them.

what is a flat hero image

What is a Flat?

Understanding the terminology and common names associated with certain mailpieces can give insight into which one is suitable for the goals of your campaign.
testing direct mail

Direct Mail Basics: Testing Your Mailpiece

Learn more about the importance of testing your direct mail campaign.
DMB Acquisition vs Retention

Direct Mail Lists: Acquisition vs. Retention Lists

Tension's Direct Mail Basics series continues with this installment of Acquisition vs Retention lists.

Product Spotlight: 3 Ways to Create a Brilliant Direct Mailpiece

Make a good first impression in the mailbox with an envelope made with metallic paper, ink or foil.

Very Important Partners: The Direct Mail Ecosystem

Get to know your direct mail ecosystem.
Direct Mail

Understanding the Major Steps of a Direct Mail Campaign

Learn the major steps of a direct mail campaign.
sticky notepad

Product Spotlight: Sticky Notepads

Learn about the benefits of a customizable sticky notepad.
direct mail testing

Why Your Direct Mail Campaign Needs A/B Testing

Tips for direct mail testing.
group of marketing professionals

Know Your Marketer: The Top 5 Reservations Marketers Have About Direct Mail

Learn how to speak to marketers about their hesitation to do a direct mail campaign.


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