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Change: Jump In!

Okay, so things change. That causes stress and discomfort because of uncertainty. Worry that in one way or another the future will not be as good, or possibly even worse, as your situation at present.

Change-Up: How Management of Change is a Critical Success Factor in Business and Baseball

So I’m sitting with my family enjoying a hotly contested game between the Yankees and Royals when it occurs to me that both long established industry giants, the Yankees and Royals, are both ultimately faced with the task of finding ways to reinvent themselves to remain at the top of their games.

Firing Your Customer?: 2 Customer Relationships Sales Should Ditch And Why The Customer Isn't The Problem

I find myself constantly having the same conversation with my team members, colleagues, and friends. The topic is relationships. The question is: “How do you know when to end a relationship?” For the purposes of this post I am going to focus on the customer relationship.

Purchasing: My Price Is Not Your Cost

I want to share a frustration I have. A mistake that those who procure products and services sometimes make. That mistake? Believing that a price for a product or service is their cost.

We Do Not Sell Envelopes: 3 Reasons Why We Avoid Selling Product and Your Sales Team Should Too

Our sales team does not sell envelopes. I don’t want you to get me wrong, you can still find salespeople who do. You know them, the old product pushers. The salespeople whose sales process is 100% about telling you how their knife set slices and dices better than the competition.
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