Statement & Transactional Envelopes

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Statement & Transactional Envelopes

Make a statement with your billing and other transactional mailpieces. Tension's custom business envelopes can help you deliver your bills, invoices, statements or fundraising appeal, with added transpromotional messages, or promotional messages that are included on a transactional mailpiece to inform, engage, brand, cross-sell, upgrade and more, to engage your customers.

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Curious how you can best target and frame your offer and creative on your transactional mailpiece. Learn how with a long-time marketing standard, the 40/40/20 Rule. Details in our blogs here and here.

Commercial Envelopes

Business Envelopes

Custom Business Envelopes No matter what the contents, a custom business envelope from Tension is designed to stand up and stand out during all phases of your envelope's life. These envelopes come in both standard and custom envelope sizes.
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Tension's commitment to sustainability starts from the inside out. In addition to supporting your green initiatives, Tension factories reuse and recycle virtually all materials in the manufacturing process.
Transpromotional Envelopes

Cross-sell and Build Loyalty with Transpromotional Messages

The back of a statement or customer reply envelope holds tremendous selling opportunities. It is seen when the envelope is opened or sealed, and it presents a blank canvas for you to include a transpromotional marketing message. Increase your visibility and leave a lasting impression by including c