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Print Marketing Services​

Make an impact with our print marketing services. These offerings can help you plan, manage and succeed at your campaigns in a variety of areas from design to production, even to full management of your custom direct mail campaign.

​Product Spotlight​

Tension Direct is our print-on-demand solution that can offer a "what you want, when you need it" approach to marketing. Read this product spotlight for details.​


Customer Inventory Management Website

Pre-ordering larger quantities of your repeat-use envelopes can make financial sense - it helps you control your envelope spend and ensures you have stock on hand when you need it.

Gift Lift™ Matching Gift Program

Take a proactive approach to employer matching gift programs by using Gift Lift® and a direct mail campaign.


Being green starts within Tension’s factory walls. In addition to supporting your green initiatives with two-way envelopes, certified and recycled paper, wind credits and other designations, Tension factories reuse and recycle virtually all of the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Tension Design Group

The Tension Design Group provides industry-leading designs that capture your brand essence.

Tension Design Group Gallery

Tension Design Group Gallery

Tension Direct On-Demand Printing

Tension Direct is web to print, print on demand and market resource management for your business needs.

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