Using Tension Direct's On-Demand Printing

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Upload. Order. Delivered.

What You Want, When You Need It

Tension Direct’s web-to-print solution streamlines Web to Print Stepsand simplifies your printing procurement process. Before your personalized online catalog is created or a beta site is even designed, a Tension Associate works with you to identify your program goals. User training, customer support and site maintenance are part of the process to ensure a smooth transition to your new, streamlined print-on-demand web portal. In most cases, a live site can be up and running in weeks.

Set Up

During the set-up process, you and your Tension associate identify what products should be online as well as what items can include personalization.

  • You provide your branding guidelines and artwork. Your templates are uploaded to create an easy-to-navigate, online catalog.
  • Uniform controls are applied to typography, artwork, logo placement, ink color and anything else that affects your business image.
  • Invoicing and payment options, as well as service level agreements, are a few of the items reviewed during these initial steps.


Tension Direct is user friendly and intuitive. To ensure a smooth start up, administrator and end-user training are all part of your onboarding process. 

Go Live

Once the site is live, authorized users can order their pre-designed marketing material anytime, anywhere. When applicable, your site users can personalize pre-selected templates while maintaining adherence to your strict brand guidelines.The visual catalog is easy to navigate and users proof and approve their order online. The instant on-screen proofing leaves you confident that your end product will arrive as intended and leave the right impression. Materials are produced and delivered quickly, getting orders into the hands of end users quickly.

Payment and Reporting

Payment, tracking and reporting is as easy as a click of the mouse. Track and monitor marketing collateral purchases with Tension Direct’s customizable billing and usage reports. The secure, encrypted online-payment system allows you to authorize payment by credit cards, p-cards, or invoice.

A Winning Solution

On-demand printing eliminates constant inventory management and pick-and-pack shipping. Envelopes, stationery, business cards, brochures, product fliers, and more—your latest print items will always be ready to order, personalize, and ship promptly. It’s good business with great benefits. Find out more today from your Tension Associate.