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Growing Our Business

Variety Seed Envelopes

Custom Seed Envelopes

Seed storage envelopes not only safely package flower and vegetable seeds, they also create an opportunity to convey your brand image. This seed packet, designed for Tension marketing purposes, uses a vintage carrot image to reflect a connection to our heirloom-quality past. The QR code on the back shows how Tension embraces the critical technology of today while recognizing the role an envelope plays linking technology to printed paper.

Here's the Ticket!

Shanghai 2010 Expo Ticket Envelope

Custom Ticket Envelopes

This design for the Shanghai 2010 Expo ticket envelopes juxtaposes a new, modern skyscraper next to a celebrated historic building. It is not uncommon for new buildings and older landmarks to appear together in Asian print design. It communicates a sense of pride in both the history and the progress of a local area. The Tension Design Group created this design for lithographic print. 

Create Some Mystery

Hot Note® sticky note built right into the face of the envelope

Strategically Designed Envelopes

While saving money and losing weight might be a great New Year’s resolution, this envelope was designed for a Tension sales campaign to help our customers save on mailing costs.

Tension’s Sales Associates used these Hot Note® style envelopes on both 22lb and 24lb paper. Both were given to the customer, and upon pulling back the uniquely-shaped tab, the reader learned which weight was used to manufacture the envelope. For many, the difference was indistinguishable until the answer was revealed!

Plant the Seed

Seed Envelopes

Custom Seed Packaging and Envelopes

Can a good seed envelope design help grow your business? We think so! These seed envelope layouts utilize an open-end envelope design, giving plenty of room for creativity. You may choose a side seam, center seam, or double side seam on the back. Your Tension Sales Associate can help you decide on the best envelope for your needs.

Hold on to Your Seat

3-color flexographic #10 envelope

Flexographic Print Envelopes

Looking for ways to make your direct response rates soar? It’s no secret that using vivid colors and eye-catching images help build a good direct mail envelope. These best practices were employed here. We particularly like the way the images play against the display window. This envelope was designed for three-color flexographic print.


Come and Fly Away

Journey to France #10 Envelope

Save-the-date Hot Note® Envelopes

The peel-off Hot Note® on this direct mail envelope not only includes important dates, it is also artfully integrated into the rest of the envelope's graphics allowing it to stand alone or be part of the larger design. It was created on a size 10 envelope and would be suitable for a variety of print options and budgets.


Go to Extremes

PaperTyger Envelope

Tear-resistant 9x12 Envelopes

These envelopes, manfuactured as a two-color flexographic print, promote PaperTyger paper. It's tough, water and tear resistant and prints well. Here we went with some straight-forward symbolism to play off the product's name. The envelopes are strong, bold and dramatic, but fortunately, not man-eaters.

Get Your Groove On

Official TEN Groove Envelope

Custom Embossed Envelopes

Say it with feeling. Textured envelopes create an immediate tactile response with the recipient. It’s a difference the recipient can feel the moment they retrieve the envelope from the mailbox.

Look Under the Hood

Full color reveal envelope

Custom Hot Note® Envelopes

For this car dealer mailing, Tension Design Group used two favorite direct mail features. 

First, its “advertising style,” or double side seam construction allows for full use of the envelope’s front and back for marketing purposes. We placed the address on the back of the envelope, letting the front be entirely dedicated to the promotion. Then we integrated a Hot Note® for extra punch. 

The Winning Envelope

#10 Commercial Envelopes

#10 Lithography Envelope

Sometimes you want your envelope to look as luxurious as the product it's promoting.

This targeted mailing was printed using four-color offset lithography on coated stock to preserve the deep, clear-coat shine of the featured vehicles. Using the images provided by the customer, the Tension Design Group enhanced the pictures so they would appear to almost drive off the envelope.


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