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Growing Our Business

Variety Seed Envelopes

Custom Seed Envelopes

Seed storage envelopes not only safely package flower and vegetable seeds, they also create an opportunity to convey your brand image. This seed packet, designed for Tension marketing purposes, uses a vintage carrot image to reflect a connection to our heirloom-quality past. The QR code on the back shows how Tension embraces the critical technology of today while recognizing the role an envelope plays linking technology to printed paper.

Create Some Mystery

Hot Note® sticky note built right into the face of the envelope

Strategically Designed Envelopes

While saving money and losing weight might be a great New Year’s resolution, this envelope was designed for a Tension sales campaign to help our customers save on mailing costs.

Tension’s Sales Associates used these Hot Note® style envelopes on both 22lb and 24lb paper. Both were given to the customer, and upon pulling back the uniquely-shaped tab, the reader learned which weight was used to manufacture the envelope. For many, the difference was indistinguishable until the answer was revealed!

Free to Be B2B

Tension Fort Worth B2B Envelope

Business Envelopes for Your Business

We speak B2B. Not only do we help Tension clients create successful B2B envelopes, we design them for ourselves. 

This business-to-business promotion originated with our Fort Worth Sales group. It promotes Tension's litho capabilities while showcasing the technology's many options. The sand image creates a textured appearance and the lettering and photos pop off the page.

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