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Direct Mail

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Come and Fly Away

Journey to France #10 Envelope

Save-the-date Hot Note® Envelopes

The peel-off Hot Note® on this direct mail envelope not only includes important dates, it is also artfully integrated into the rest of the envelope's graphics allowing it to stand alone or be part of the larger design. It was created on a size 10 envelope and would be suitable for a variety of print options and budgets.


One-Color Design That Shines

One-Color Reveal Envelope

Reveal Direct Mail Envelopes

A compelling, economical one-color design requires creativity and an in-depth understanding of flexographic principles. Fortunately, Tension Design Group has a long history of success in this area.

A reverse type helps the text "jump" off the page and the involvement opening device piques the reader’s curiosity as to what’s inside. The economies of design in a single color can be particularly attractive for nonprofit mailers.


Is It a Sticky Note, or an Illusion?

Custom Display Windows

Custom Display Window Envelopes

Sure, this envelope seems simple, but we snuck in some innovative features.

The Tension Design Group finds ways to make something look expensive while fitting within a budget. Here we created the look of brown Kraft paper using a more economical Tension Tint, which adds color to the envelope during the manufacturing process.

Look Under the Hood

Full color reveal envelope

Custom Hot Note® Envelopes

For this car dealer mailing, Tension Design Group used two favorite direct mail features. 

First, its “advertising style,” or double side seam construction allows for full use of the envelope’s front and back for marketing purposes. We placed the address on the back of the envelope, letting the front be entirely dedicated to the promotion. Then we integrated a Hot Note® for extra punch. 

The Winning Envelope

#10 Commercial Envelopes

#10 Lithography Envelope

Sometimes you want your envelope to look as luxurious as the product it's promoting.

This targeted mailing was printed using four-color offset lithography on coated stock to preserve the deep, clear-coat shine of the featured vehicles. Using the images provided by the customer, the Tension Design Group enhanced the pictures so they would appear to almost drive off the envelope.

Save It for Later

Summer Travels Hot Note

Enhanced Flexo Envelopes

Sure. It’s pretty. And we’d happily sit directly under that palm tree. But did you notice the Hot Note® sticker? That deserves a second look!

The recipient of this envelope can remove the Hot Note and place the palm tree shaped tab on their computer monitor, refrigerator or even car dashboard as a reminder of a dream vacation. Sooner or later, we hope they’ll contact you to book a getaway!

Make Your Message Clear

Performance Plus Envelope

#10 Display Window Envelopes

This two-color flexographic design delivers a very clear message. Less obvious is the careful planning that goes into this Performance Plus envelope and every envelope Tension manufactures.

Window Watching

Immediate Action Envelope

Custom Display Window Envelopes

Immediate Action? Time-sensitive? Tension Design Group designed this envelope to stand out in a mailbox crowded with plain white envelopes. Created for cost-effective, two-color flexographic printing, it also includes a second display window on the envelope’s back to maximize visibility of the company’s offer.  

Pass the Basket (Weave Envelope)

Non-profit direct mail envelope

Enhanced Flexo Envelopes for Nonprofits

Religious organizations and other nonprofits are often sophisticated print buyers and enthusiastic direct mailers. This #10 envelope layout is designed for four-color flexographic printing with full bleed on uncoated stock. The basket weave design adds the illusion of texture, but leaves a solid area at the bottom to included a barcode if needed.

Call Your Mother

Three-Color HotNote Envelope

Flexographic Print Hot Note® Envelopes

While we are not suggesting you need a reminder to call your mother, this Hot Note® could help you out.


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