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Metallic Paper

Create a Brilliant Mailpiece
blue metallic paper envelope for direct mail

Looking for a mailpiece that lets your offer shine? Set your sights on a metallic paper envelope. These eye-catching, lustrous papers speak for themselves in the mailbox. And the resulting response potential? Nothing short of brilliant. ​

​Give your mail recipients a visual treat with metallic paper envelopes that: ​

  • Communicate importance for high-end mailings.
  • Allow for typical envelope flexographic printing​.
  • Stand out from other envelopes with their different look and feel.
  • Create visual impact with recipients with their eye-catching shine. ​
  • Have options for hologram effects to hyper-engage your audience.​
  • Response-driver
  • Unique appearance
  • Stands apart in a crowd
  • Creates mailpiece engagement


Uses spot and process color to enhance look
Uses spot and process color to enhance look

Range of Options

Many attractive patterns to choose from
Many attractive patterns to choose from


Brilliant appearance communicates importance
Brilliant appearance communicates importance

Metallic Paper Direct Mail Envelopes ​

Marketers know: Direct mail is hot. Mail is tactile, engaging and creates a sense of importance in the hands of your recipients. Build on this marketing momentum with an exceptional, eye-catching metallic paper mailpiece. Metallic paper envelopes are more than just gorgeous marketing envelopes. They’re communication vehicles that can intrigue and inspire your audience to act with its lustrous appearance. A direct mail and metallic paper combo? Now that’s hot. ​

​Metallic Envelopes: A Neuromarketing Dream ​

Neuromarketing, or the study of how the brain responds to marketing stimuli, confirms that direct mail is an ideal medium that resonates with customers and donors. Mail appeals to our senses: It’s visual, tactile, colorful, interactive, and when created with metallic paper, offers a pleasing shiny appearance. Infuse your campaign with an appealing metallic direct mail envelope and let your integrated marketing shine.