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Privacy Defender Envelopes & Sleeves

Keep Intruders Out and Information Secure
Privacy Defender Envelope & Sleeves Privacy Defender Envelope & Sleeves

Electronic intrusions pose big risks to you and your customers. When sending contactless smart cards to your customers, Tension’s Privacy Defender envelopes and sleeves can help block the flow of RF energy and protect your customer’s information. 

Defend Your Mail

The Privacy Defender envelopes and sleeves:

  • Help shields the contents of envelopes and from unauthorized access.
  • Lightweight material may reduce the impact of postal costs during changeover to contactless smart cards.
  • FIPS approved at specific levels.
  • Shields and Protects
  • Lightweight
  • Field-tested
  • Printable Surfaces
  • Tear and water resistant

Defend Data

Helps protects envelope contents throughout the mailstream
Helps protects envelope contents throughout the mailstream

Win Confidence

Lets your customers know you value their privacy and security
Lets your customers know you value their privacy and security

Field Tested

A proven solution to help block RF information flow out of the envelope
A proven solution to help block RF information flow out of the envelope

Build Consumer Confidence

Don’t put your customer’s personal information at risk. Use a Privacy Defender envelope to help keep intruders out and your customer’s information secure.

A series of high-profile security breaches at U.S. retailers has accelerated a multiyear transition away from today’s commonly used magnetic strip cards to the more secure contactless smart cards. Privacy Defender envelopes and sleeves help protect the information on smart cards as they are traveling through the mailstream. In fact, a Privacy Defender sleeve can be used as a carrying sleeve for consumer protection when carried in a wallet or purse.

Privacy Defender envelopes and sleeves are designed for third-party mailers, financial institutions or U.S. card issuers. In addition to these markets, other government and health care organizations have seen the benefit of shielding customer information with the RFID-blocking paper used to construct the Privacy Defender envelopes and sleeves. The envelope has been used to protect RFID-enabled Enhanced Driver’s Licenses and health care smart cards containing personal health records.

Block and Protect

The Tension Privacy Defender envelope is created using a multiply laminate paper. This specialized paper is made by surrounding a thin metalized plastic film with layers of laminate, and it helps blocks information from prying eyes and scanners.

Field Tested

Privacy Defender envelopes and sleeves have been closely evaluated and field-tested. With Tension’s production capabilities, you gain an experienced production partner helping you meet consumer demand. Contact Tension for more information on creating your Privacy Defender envelope.

Additional Information

Privacy Defender envelopes and sleeves use use a multi-ply laminate which has been tested in multiple environments and has been proven to be effective in blocking the flow of RF energy. However, Tension cannot be held liable for any unforeseen events or failures for the Privacy Defender envelope or sleeve.

What Tension Customers are Saying

Tension stays ahead by knowing what is going on in the industry. Our sales rep stays up-to-date on postal issues and keeps us informed. I’ve never had a vendor do that in the past. Tension also provides us with information on paper pricing. That helps us forecast our budget, not only for our envelopes but for the forms we purchase. 

Milton Perry , Supervisor - Customer Billing Insert Operations CenterPoint Energy

With Tension, I feel at rest knowing I can count on getting the product I need for my business. There is a great sense of relief realizing our envelopes are designed specifically for my folder inserter machine and I won’t get calls in the middle of the night because an envelope wasn’t cut or folded correctly and is causing jams.

Jeff Schultz , Business Services Supervisor PepsiCo