Special Features and Papers

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Tension creates envelopes that have a knack for working their way to the top of the stack, using materials, colors, graphics and other special features to lure and entice the reader.

Bangtail Envelopes

Keep your offer front and center by using a Tension bangtail, or Hot Potato, envelope. Attached to the envelope is a perforated coupon that is easy for your prospect to see, fill out and return. Warm up your potential customers with this self-contained marketing vehicle.

Display Window Envelopes

Use display windows to your full advantage: Special sizes and shapes increase interest and entice consumers to view your content. Tension manufactures window envelopes with Solid Seal® construction to ensure that windows are secure and gumming is precise, keeping your inserting machines up and running fast.

Privacy Defender Envelopes & Sleeves

Build Consumer Confidence

Don’t put your customer’s personal information at risk. Use a Privacy Defender envelope to help keep intruders out and your customer’s information secure.

Tyvek Envelopes®

Looks can be deceiving - the smooth and lightweight feel of a Tyvek® envelope belies its toughness and strength. A Tyvek envelope holds up to some of the most unforgiving conditions, creating a lightweight, tear- and moisture-resistant package that you can trust.

Custom Envelopes

Whether your products are inside or outside of the mailstream, Tension can create virtually any size and style of envelope to help you connect with customers. A large selection of creative features and envelope stocks allow for custom designs to display and protect contents, and meet special mailing, storage or packaging needs.