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Custom Direct Mail Envelope Design​

Your business is unique. Our unique and specially-designed envelope products can help meet your operational, marketing, or customer needs.

Learn about all of our custom direct mail services and products here.

​Featured Product Spotlight​

Tension’s Trailing Edge envelopes offer something for everyone. Mail recipients can enjoy their different, engaging design while marketers can enjoy many creative options in this USPS®-approved mailpiece. Details in our product spotlight.

ALTA Eco-Friendly Reusable Envelopes

Engage your customers in your sustainability efforts with the ALTA envelope.

Trailing Edge Envelopes

Give your customers a fun, unexpected and edgy mailpiece with our Trailing Edge envelopes.

Hot Note® Sticky Note Envelopes

Provide your customers with a built-in reminder note on every envelope with a Hot Note® sticky note envelope.

Embossed Envelopes

Spot or overall embossed envelopes add tactile and visual appeal that entice recipients to look, open and act on your mailpiece.

Bangtail Envelopes

Keep your offer front and center by using a bangtail envelope that features a perforated coupon to fill out and return.

Performance Plus Mail Envelopes

Maximize your inserters’ throughput with the high-speed inserter-friendly Performance Plus envelope.

RECOCHET Eco-Friendly Reusable Envelopes

Engage your customers in your sustainability efforts with a RECOCHET envelope.

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