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Zip-Strip Envelope for Direct Mail Marketing

(un)ZIP IT!
Zip Strip Envelopes Zip Strip Envelopes

An envelope’s primary function in life is to get itself opened. Zip Strips make it fun. Use this catchy special opener on almost any part of your envelope to encourage the mail recipient to zip open your offer and see what’s inside.

A Zip Strip can be on the side, front or back of the outer envelope. Typically smaller than a traditional Reveal or Rip-Ope, a Zip Strip can add some extra intrigue.

  • Put your special offer behind the Zip Strip.
  • Variably print the insert to stretch your marketing dollars further.
  • Reader can quickly get to the most important message
  • Encourages Recipient Interaction
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Easy to Open
  • Smooth Inserting Process
  • Improved Opening Rates

Hiding something?

Can conceal customer-specific information behind the pull-tab
Can conceal customer-specific information behind the pull-tab

High Standards

Upholds your brand standards while traveling through the mailstream
Upholds your brand standards while traveling through the mailstream


Gets your customer engaged which leads to higher opening rates
Gets your customer engaged which leads to higher opening rates

Capture Your Reader's Attention

Your envelope’s appearance has a big impact on your direct mailing’s response rates. If the envelope looks appealing or arouses curiosity, the more likely it is to be opened and the contents read. Otherwise the whole mailing may be discarded, unopened and unread.

A Zip Strip involvement device opens effortlessly. The zipper-like opening pulls back with ease. And it can go almost anywhere: top or bottom, back or front, left or right. The pull tab is easily recognizable and simple to grasp.

Direct mail best practices tell us that you typically have three seconds before the recipient puts your envelope in the recycle, and 30 seconds to engage the reader enough to get your envelope opened and make the short stack for later reading. A quick pull on a Zip Strip allows quick access to the envelope’s contents. It gives almost immediate gratification to the question of what’s inside the envelope.

Tailor Your Message

Including a message like “Pull to reveal your special offer” piques the addressee’s curiosity. It also allows you to leverage variable printing on your insert so that offers can be uniquely tailored to the recipient or customer segment.

Even the best offers and most powerful copy can erode from overexposure. When this happens, a new design or unique envelope can help restore levels of response. Use a Zip Strip to capture your reader’s attention. It’s so inviting, they’ve got the envelope open before they know it.

What Tension Customers are Saying

Tension has a desire to help us help our customers. You don’t get that with every printer or envelope plant. They go above and beyond consistently to help out in whatever way they can.

Jim Laird , Vice President AccuSource Solutions

When I moved to buying envelopes from Tension, they created the envelope I needed at a higher quality, faster and cheaper. The company’s customer service and prompt deliveries are two of the greatest benefits of our relationship.

Jeff Schultz , Business Services Supervisor PepsiCo