Involvement Opening Envelopes

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Are you looking for higher response rates to your direct mail marketing efforts? Get customers involved by using engaging openers that pique consumers' curiosities and demand they pay attention.

Hot Note® Sticky Notes for Direct Mail Marketing

A Tension Hot Note® provides your customer with a built-in reminder note on every envelope. Featuring a sticky-note built into the face of the envelope, it is perforated for easy removal and retention. These envelopes get responses and leave behind a lasting impression.

RECOCHET Eco-Friendly Reusable Envelopes

The reuse of paper is cost efficient, lessens demand on waste disposal systems, and cuts energy use and carbon emissions. Tension's RECOCHET envelopes provide a simple opportunity for you to send a powerful message and actively engage your customers in your sustainability efforts. RECOCHET envelopes are easy to open, simple to use and designed for high-speed inserters.

Reveal Envelopes for Direct Mail Marketing

You have about three seconds to get your consumer's attention and save your mailing from going into the recycling bin. Make it count. Use Tension's Reveal envelopes to create a feeling of suspense and anticipation, luring readers to discover their special offer inside.

Rip-Ope Tear Strip Envelopes

Tension's Rip-Ope involvement opening device invites consumers to "rip" into your mailing. The zipper-like Rip-Ope feature has been successfully adapted to all sizes and styles of envelopes. Used by direct marketers, retail stores and commercial businesses, the Rip-Ope's tactile response involves readers, getting them hooked.

Sim-Pull® Tab Mail Envelopes

The Sim-Pull® makes it quick and easy for consumers to view your important message or special offer by featuring a pull-tab at the end of the envelope. A proven response booster, the Sim-Pull's pull-tab sparks interest, stimulates involvement and gets your direct mail envelope opened.

Zip-Strip Envelope for Direct Mail Marketing

A Tension Zip Strip plays to one's natural curiosity. Captivate your reader and get them to wonder what special offer is hiding behind the strip. Smaller than a traditional Reveal or Rip-Ope, the Zip Strip is fun to pull open and can be on the side, front or back of the outer envelope.

Custom Envelopes

Whether your products are inside or outside of the mailstream, Tension can create virtually any size and style of envelope to help you connect with customers. A large selection of creative features and envelope stocks allow for custom designs to display and protect contents, and meet special mailing, storage or packaging needs.