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Envelopes with Foil

envelope with foil

Want to add a shining touch of sophistication to your direct mail envelope? Or create an overall design so aesthetically intriguing that your recipients will have no choice but to pick up your beautiful, elegant and lustrous direct mail appeal? 

Envelopes with foil are the epitome of high-end direct mail. Through our proprietary foil printing technologies, we can create a customized, one-of-a-kind direct mailpiece that is sure to wow your mail audience with its #CoolFactor. 

Envelopes with foil can help your mail campaigns shine: 

  • Shiny foil attracts the recipient’s eye.
  • This distinguished mailpiece communicates a high sense of importance.
  • Spot coverage foil can be used to highlight logos or offers with an embossed look and feel.
  • Envelopes with full coverage foil have options for patterns. 
  • Unique and distinctive
  • Response-driver
  • Lustrous aesthetic appeal
  • Flexible design options

A Real Looker

Engaging appearance helps entice mail recipients
Engaging appearance helps entice mail recipients

Mailbox VIP

An envelope this pretty must be important
An envelope this pretty must be important


Use spot coverage or full coverage foil
Use spot coverage or full coverage foil

Direct Mail Envelopes with Foil

The epitome of high-end direct mail. That’s a big name to live up to, yet direct mail envelopes made with foil technologies are nothing short of spectacular. Their eye-catching, beautiful, shiny and enticing design can suggest that they’re holding something equally wonderful and important inside of that direct mailpiece. Whether you’re a credit card company, bank, hotel chain or nonprofit, let your audience know you mean business with a lustrous and exciting direct mail envelope with foil.

Spot On: Spot Foil Coverage for Direct Mail Envelopes 

Have you ever wondered why the moon is so enticing to look at, especially when it’s a full moon? It’s a bright gleaming object amidst an otherwise blank canvas of a dark night sky, and the contrast and beauty draw us in. Not so dissimilar is the appeal of a spot coverage foil on a direct mail envelope. You can foil a logo against a monochromatic envelope, or enhance important parts of your offer copy by literally making parts shine with a spot of foil in the color of your choosing.