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Embossed Envelopes

Raise Your Expectations with Spot and Overall Embossing
TEN groove embossed

In a stack of mail, you want to stand out. Tension’s embossed envelopes add tactile and visual appeal, enticing the reader to look, open and act. Use unique paper textures to grab attention and lift response.

Embossing gives three dimensions to an otherwise flat printing surface, delivering a high-end look and feel that offers: ​

  • A luxurious, yet economical, option.​
  • Options for spot or overall embossing.
  • Endless design possibilities with the use of color.
  • Extra impact when combined with involvement opening devices or transpromotional messages.
  • Recipient engagement with a spot embossed indicia or logo.
  • Recipients can see and feel the importance
  • Has the look of luxury paper
  • Stands out in the mailbox
  • Options for spot, indicia or overall emboss

First Class

Replace a live stamp with an eye-catching first-class mail indicia
Replace a live stamp with an eye-catching first-class mail indicia

Touch of Elegance

Overall options include TEN Groove, leatherette and bubble
Overall options include TEN Groove, leatherette and bubble

Spot It!

Spot embossing can help highlight your special offer or program details
Spot embossing can help highlight your special offer or program details

Overall Embossed Direct Mail Envelopes ​

An overall embossed envelope is a great way to add tactility and distinction in the hands of your mail recipient. With the added two-punch of a look and feel of something different, mail recipients are inspired to act and respond to your direct or transactional mail campaign. Tension's overall embossed envelopes can help drive response rates and raise your impact whether you choose from our popular groove, leatherette, linen, bubble or other embossed option.

​Custom Embossed Envelopes: Creative Freedom​

Tension has a team of designers who can help define your creative ideas and meet your marketing goals. Whether crafted alone or combined with the use of color, involvement opening devices or interactive technology such as QR and augmented reality (AR) codes, an overall embossed envelope can help provide creative freedom with a look of luxury for your next campaign. ​

Embossed Transactional Mail ​

How can you get your bill or statement mailers noticed? With the addition of an overall embossed texture such as TEN Groove, bubble or wave embossing, your #10 business envelope or even #9 return envelopes will stand out. Literally. Its a chance to remind your mail recipients to act - make a payment or renew a service - in a touching manner. ​

​Spot Embossed Direct Mail Envelopes ​

Spot embossing can help differentiate your envelope. Did you know a spot embossing indicia can also help give your mailing an economic advantage? A spot embossed indicia application is less expensive than a traditional live stamp, with the opportunity to bump interest and engagement from your mail recipients.

Other spot embossing techniques can promote your brand, a new promotion or mail campaign with exceptional value. Highlight your logo, call to action or important offer with a spot embossed area. ​

​Some Like it Hot...Spots on Envelopes ​

Looking to drive response rates? Research shows that the eye is naturally attracted to four areas or "hot spots" on an envelope. Using these hot spots can improve your direct mail impact and deliver the results you want in your next campaign. When hot spots are used in combination with an embossed indicia in the upper right portion of the envelope face, hot spot appeal improves even more. ​

VIP Treatment ​

Readers often gauge a mailing’s importance by postage type, judging how important the sender thinks the reader is to them. Using an embossed indicia can be a great way to communicate that your mail piece is important and encourage mail recipients to open your envelope and read your message.  Use in combination with eye-stopping graphics, a unique window opening, or involvement device on a 6x9 envelope to help amplify your message or cause. ​