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Leatherette Envelopes

Leatherette Envelopes Leatherette EnvelopesLeatherette Envelopes

Get away from everyday mailings and incorporate a Tension leatherette envelope into your lineup. Texturing gives three dimensions to an otherwise flat printing surface, and leatherette’s unique pebble-grain texture creates an appealing look and feel to any mailing.

Leatherette Embossed Envelopes

Its elegant feel and appearance gets noticed in the mailbox. Ideal for direct mail, a leatherette envelope:

  • Creates a tactile response with the recipient.
  • Looks and feels like fine leather embossing.
  • Can be combined with display windows or involvement opening devices.
  • Unique, Pebble-Like Feel
  • Elegant Leatherette Appearance
  • Draws Attention
  • Special Opener Options
  • Display Window Options

Makes You Notice

Commands a second look and displays importance
Commands a second look and displays importance


Unexpected play of light and shadow across the envelope entices readers
Unexpected play of light and shadow across the envelope entices readers

Attention Grabbing

Draws attention and interest to your envelope's contents
Draws attention and interest to your envelope's contents

Stand Out in a Crowded Mailbox

To some, envelopes are first a container, and then second, a selling medium.  To direct marketers, an envelope is first a selling medium, then a container. The envelope reflects your message, your brand and your offer, and needs to create a positive and immediate impression.

Leatherette embossing makes your mailpiece or packaging stand out. It’s a unique manufacturing process that creates special embossing on the surfaces of your envelopes, one that resembles textured leather. The play of light and shadow across the surface of embossed paper is both unexpected and pleasing to the eye, immediately commanding a second look and conveying a sense of importance. With an embossed leatherette envelope, recipients are more likely to give the envelope a second touch, or hold it up to the light to see why the envelope feels different than the others. When any of these happen, you are keeping your direct mail offer in the hands of your customer and out of the recycle bin.

Custom Embossed Business Envelopes

When your envelopes are highlighted with an attractive texture, they draw attention and interest to the contents. Tension has the ability to create an overall effect on an envelope paper that meets the goals of your campaign. Contact Tension and find out more about how this design treatment and other embossing techniques can help you create a truly unique marketing piece.

What Tension Customers are Saying

Tension’s customer service is unbelievable. They are great partners and good people. It is nice to know that when you shake hands, it is as good as any contract you’re going to get from anyone else.

John Barber , President Summit Direct Mail, Inc.

The agricultural research industry continues to grow. As the industry expands and we look for new ways to serve our customers, Tension is by our side providing expertise, innovative ideas, quality products and phenomenal service.

Don Rayfield , Sales Vice President Midco Global