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Embossed Indicia Envelopes

Need a Lift in Response?
Embossed Indicia Envelopes Embossed Indicia EnvelopesEmbossed Indicia Envelopes

Capturing your reader’s attention – it’s the first step to direct mail success. With your outer envelope making that all-important first impression, it’s vital for it to look convincing, interesting, and compelling enough to get routed to the right person and opened. Use a Tension embossed indicia to give your mailing a bump.

Embossed Indicia

The indicia can subtly communicate the importance of your mailing. With an embossed indicia:

  • Communicate your mailing's importance.
  • Capture the reader's attention, improving direct mail response rates.
  • Create a tactile response with the reader.
  • Gets a Second Look
  • Conveys Importance
  • First Class or Standard Mailing
  • Ideal for Direct Mailings
  • Tension Exclusive, Patented Feature


More economical than applying live stamps
More economical than applying live stamps

Improve Responses

Can drive an increase in response rates
Can drive an increase in response rates

Hot Spot

Accentuates one of the envelope's four hot spots
Accentuates one of the envelope's four hot spots

Leverage the Four Envelope Hot Spots

Tension looks for ways to avoid your mailings getting called the “j-word.” It’s a word we don’t even mention around here. So when your goal is to up your response rate, consider one of the envelope’s four hot spots: the indicia.  

Postage is important for more than getting your mailing delivered. Without knowing it, it’s telling a story. That’s because the indicia, along with the address, teaser area and return address, is one of the envelope’s four hot spots. Or more simply, it’s one of the first places the eye naturally tracks to when picking up an envelope. Your postage is getting checked out – is it standard mail? First class? Recipients frequently use postage as an indicator of a mailing’s importance. A dull indicia may accidently convey that your mailing is not a priority.

Communicate Your Mailing's Importance

While a pre-printed indicia or metering may be cheaper in the short run, it could cost you in response. An embossed indicia from Tension, either first class or standard mail, communicates that the envelope contains something important, something worthy of the raised indicia. The patented embossed indicia from Tension can give your response rate a lift for just a fraction of the cost of handling and applying live stamps.

  • To know for sure, test. Try your offer with and without an embossed indicia.
  • Combine with the USPS first class promotion to give your bottom line an extra boost.