Embossed Envelopes

Custom Printed Embossed Envelopes for Direct Mail
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There’s no other art or printing technique that matches custom embossing for a subtle, distinctive effect. Add a touch of prestige that says something special about the sender, the envelope, and the offer.

Spot Embossed Direct Mail Envelopes

Embossed indicia can help differentiate your envelope, but did you know it can also help give your mailing an economic advantage?  A spot embossed indicia application is less expensive than a traditional live stamp, with the opportunity to bump interest and engagement from your mail recipients. A spot embossed envelope can promote your brand, a new promotion or mail campaign with exceptional value.  

Embossed Indicia Envelopes

Pump up your envelope's appeal with a patented Tension embossed indicia. This little rectangle can make the difference between your offer staying in the recipient's hands or getting tossed aside. As one of the first places the eye goes to when looking at an envelope, the indicia can communicate the importance of your mailing.

Overall Embossed Envelopes

An overall embossed envelope is a great way to do just that. It adds tactility and distinction in the hands of your mail recipient. With the added two-punch of a look and feel of something different, mail recipients are inspired to act and respond to your direct or transactional mail campaign. Tension's overall embossed envelopes can help drive response rates and raise your impact.

Leatherette Envelopes

A leatherette envelope's unique feel and appearance give these embossed, direct marketing envelopes an air of elegance and importance. Draw attention to your envelope’s contents with the textured feel of a Tension leatherette envelope.

TEN Groove Embossed Envelopes

Differentiate your direct mailpiece with a Tension TEN Groove envelope. The unique, elegant feel of an embossed envelope elicits a tactile response with the recipient, getting them engaged with your envelope from the moment they remove it from the mailbox.