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Custom Envelopes

Ingenuity at Work
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Every envelope that's mailed, delivered or remitted is an opportunity for you to connect with its recipients. Tension can create virtually any size and style of envelope to help you connect with customers whether your envelopes are inside or outside of the mailstream.

At Tension we know there are no “standard” envelopes. You have unique requirements and a custom designed envelope from Tension will help meet your specialized needs while communicating your brand message.

  • Countless sizes, shapes and colors
  • High-speed insertability
  • Direct mail expertise
  • Associates with unparalled experience 


  • Top Performance
  • Precise Color Application
  • Insertability You Can Trust
  • Dedicated Service Teams
  • Innovative Printing and Manufacturing
  • Tension Design Group


Innovative approaches and envelope features to help you connect with customers
Innovative approaches and envelope features to help you connect with customers

Tension Expertise

Tension's envelope experts provide design guidance and ideas to meet your goals
Tension's envelope experts provide design guidance and ideas to meet your goals


Repeatable, sustainable processes to produce consistent, quality envelopes
Repeatable, sustainable processes to produce consistent, quality envelopes

A Custom Envelope From Tension

With every envelope, you have options. Open end. Open side. Large. Small. Involvement devices. Special paper. Windows. Flexo. Litho… It is no short list, and there is no single solution. There are many ways to design an envelope.

But there is one constant with every envelope: It is a vehicle to meaningfully connect the sender to the recipient. For direct mail, it opens the door to an offer. For statement mailings, it’s a monthly appointment with your customer. For nonprofits, it is an opportunity to speak directly with donors.

Each envelope Tension manufactures has been precisely crafted to safely deliver its contents, allowing you to engage and interact with the recipient in a positive manner. During these interactions, you are subtly communicating your brand message and image. A quality envelope leaves a quality impression.

Tension Quality

Quality and reliability have long differentiated Tension’s products. Tension continuously looks for ways to improve its products, placing emphasis on developing repeatable and sustainable processes through Lean Sigma practices that build quality into every stage of the manufacturing process.

Lean Sigma serves as our foundation for leveraging best practices, minimizing waste and delivering continuous improvement on a daily basis. Tension includes quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure your envelopes perform at every stage of your mailing lifecycle. Some include:

  • Corporate-wide processes that are Lean Sigma driven and consistent from location to location.
  • Quality inspection processes prior to packing in cartons.
  • Vetted raw material suppliers, subject to regular reviews.
  • In-house, centralized training of envelope machine adjusters to drive up quality and drive down waste.

Tension’s national presence means you have the backing of a large, stable partner, yet with the local service our team brings from Tension’s numerous locations.

Award-Winning Printing and Design Work

Tension has been consistently recognized by the Flexographic Technical Association for expertise in envelope printing. Choose flexography, lithography or other printing methods for your custom-designed envelope. Whatever your preferences, an artist from the Tension Design Group can work with you to develop your unique envelope solution.

For more information on creating your custom envelope, contact Tension.

What Tension Customers are Saying

Working with Tension I can have our envelopes produced in large quantities, warehoused at their facilities and delivered as we need them. This provides not only cost savings but also flexibility if there is variation in our demand. I know there is a supply I can call on without having to fill up my office with envelopes.

Mike Melton , Production Manager Medassets

With Tension, I feel at rest knowing I can count on getting the product I need for my business. There is a great sense of relief realizing our envelopes are designed specifically for my folder inserter machine and I won’t get calls in the middle of the night because an envelope wasn’t cut or folded correctly and is causing jams.

Jeff Schultz , Business Services Supervisor PepsiCo