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9x12 Envelopes

Trust Your Big Jobs to a Big Envelope
9x12 Envelopes Tension 9 x 12 Envelopes9 x 12 Envelopes

Your 9x12 envelope is responsible for delivering items that must lie flat and may need extra protection. Choose a Tension 9x12 envelope to deliver statements, catalogs or other material and be sure to make a big impression.

A 9x12 envelope from Tension is designed for easy insertion of your contents. A Tension Account Executive can help you determine:

  • Proper specs, sizing and special features
  • Envelope goals and lifecycle
  • Graphic design and printing requirements


  • Bulky or Large Inserts
  • Catalog and Statement Mailings
  • Sturdy, Kraft Paper Options
  • Interoffice Mailing Envelopes
  • Peel N' Seal or Touch N' Seal® Flap Options
  • Display Window Options

Outside the Mailbox

Popular for non-mailstream usage, such as interoffice communication
Popular for non-mailstream usage, such as interoffice communication

Take Your Pick

9x12 options include Touch N' Seal, windows, paper syles and more
9x12 options include Touch N' Seal, windows, paper syles and more

Stay Flat

Easily accommodate bulky items or inserts that need to lie flat
Easily accommodate bulky items or inserts that need to lie flat

Call in the Big Guys

You trust your envelopes with an important job — to safely deliver their contents to recipients. And when the responsibility is just too big for a 6x9 envelope, it’s time to call in the big guys. A 9x12 envelope from Tension.

A Tension 9x12 envelope can be designed specifically for your requirements. If your contents need extra space, you are sending delicate parts, or just don’t want your papers to get folded, a Tension Account Executive will identify the ideal envelope to meet your goals.

Drive Bigger Results

Bigger envelopes can often drive bigger results in direct mailings, making a 9x12 envelope an easy way to get your mailpiece noticed in the mailbox. These large envelopes are also frequently used when delivering important finance or insurance documents, as well as catalogs and magazines. 9x12s are not limited to the mailstream. They are commonly seen in interoffice mail employed to deliver important information kits, private documents or a simple memo.

A 9x12 is typically designed as an open-side, booklet envelope to accommodate bulkier correspondence or full-sized papers. A Tension 9x12’s careful design and precision manufacturing permit high speed, automatic insertion. The sturdy seams and flaps ensure maximum protection under even the most rugged conditions.

A full range of features are available with a Tension 9x12 envelope. Display windows, involvement opening devices and eye-catching graphics are just a few of the options. They can be manufactured with a sturdy brown Kraft paper, a white wove or special papers like Tyvek. Expansions, Touch-N'-Seal® latex closures or Peel 'N Seal closures are popular options as well.

  • Select a powerful image on the envelope for cross-selling opportunities.
  • Popular with photo finishers, add a large window and TEN Groove embossing envelope to invoke a visual and tactile response.

What Tension Customers are Saying

The team at Tension treats us as though we are their number one client. They treat us like they are a small mom and pop shop, but actually they are a large long-standing national company, and we get that backing. You don’t get that kind of customer service from other large envelope manufacturers.

Valerie Jones , Director of Production Kersten Direct

I was having problems finding a dependable supplier for blank 8.5x11 forms with a single perforation. When my sales rep at Tension learned about this issue he developed a solution, getting the paper I needed and stocking it at the warehouse. Now instead of waiting a week to get stock in, I can have the forms I need delivered the next day from Tension.

Mike Melton , Production Manager Medassets