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6x9 Envelopes

Size Up Your Offer
6x9 Envelopes Standard 6 by 9 Envelopes - USPS, State Farm, First FederalFull Color 6x9 Envelopes - Express CourierSpecial Window 6x9 Envelopes - Money Mailer, The Peoples Bank, Fedex

Is it an envelope or is it a dramatic billboard to promote your products and services?  Tension’s expertise in printing and manufacturing 6x9 envelopes translates to eye-stopping graphics and trouble-free machine insertion.  That can mean profitable direct mailings, as well as highly productive transactional and statement envelopes.

A 6x9 envelope's versatility is boosted by numerous options:

  • Involvement opening devices, display windows and embossing
  • Award-winning flexographic and lithographic printing
  • Transpromotional marketing opportunities for statement or billing mailings

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  • Maximum Inserter Machine Uptime
  • Full Printing on Back
  • Display Windows
  • Optional Opening Devices
  • Generous Side-Seam Gumming
  • Eye-catching Size

Flipside Marketing

Concealed side seams on 6x9 envelopes allow greater overall printing
Concealed side seams on 6x9 envelopes allow greater overall printing

Stimulate Response

Engage the reader with an involvement opening device
Engage the reader with an involvement opening device

On Display

Window can dramatically display the 6x9 envelope's contents
Window can dramatically display the 6x9 envelope's contents

Command Attention with a Custom Printed 6 by 9 Window Envelope

A 6x9 envelope in a stack of mail can’t be ignored. Its extra size commands immediate attention and conveys an air of importance to both the mailing and the offer or information inside. The facts tell an even bigger story: Large size mailing pieces and envelopes most often pull better returns than smaller packages.

The large front and back panels of a 6x9 envelope creates a canvas for dramatic, enticing illustrations. A Tension manufactured envelope can be printed with one- to four-color flexography as a cost-effective option, or lithographed in full-color with amazing fidelity. Because of the envelope's size, display windows are ideally suited to larger envelopes. Put all these advantages together and they spell IMPACT and RESPONSE for your message.

The concealed side-seam construction lends itself to overall printing. You can use large images on both the front and back, and the entire back of the envelope is dedicated to your message. This kind of full-width of printing on the back is not possible with diagonal seams. The generous side-seam gumming protects your envelope’s contents throughout the mailing process as well.

Customize Your 6x9 Envelope for Greater Impact

Tension’s careful design and precision manufacturing enhance high-speed insertion. You can choose from a large selection of “standard” sizes and styles, or design something as unique as your business.

Are you aware of all the features available to develop booklet envelopes for greatest impact and response? For example, 6x9 envelopes can be customized with unique display windows, a variety of novelty opening devices, textures or embossing.

  • Display Window Envelopes - Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, display windows can be added to virtually all styles of envelopes and any papers. Add artwork and color enclosures to make a striking display through the window. You can even include a second window on the front or back for added effect.
  • Opening Devices - Easy-opening devices like Rip-Opes, Pull-Opes, or Sim-Pulls® stimulate even more response by engaging your reader.
  • Do you need 6x9 envelopes for catalogs, booklets, or for general office usage? Tension can help you design and print 6x9 envelopes in bulk quantities with a variety of color options like manila, white, black, red and more. Contact us for a quote.

Direct Mail or Monthly Mailings

Your Tension Sales Associate can show you a wide variety of spectacular effects that have been achieved with these envelopes. Whether your 6x9 will be delivering a marketing promotion, a monthly statement, or even billing information, a Tension 6x9 envelope will make an impact and drive response.

  • Select a large display window and let the contents of your offer shine through the front of the envelope.
  • Include a detachable order form to make it easy for your customer to respond.