Beyond the Mailbox - Custom Specialty Envelopes

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Your envelopes don’t always have to go through the mail in order deliver your message to your customers. Your brand message, your promise of quality and your commitment to meeting customer needs are subtly communicated via the envelope.

Specialty Envelopes

Seed envelopes, photo envelopes, bank envelopes, CD envelopes and DVD envelopes, just a few of the specialty envelopes we produce that stay outside of the mainstream mail stream.

Featured Product - Seed Packet Envelopes

Grow your business organically with a strong marketing campaign and our seed packet envelopes. Learn about them here.

A selection of Tension’s customizable seed packet envelopes.

Hand-Pack Poly Mailers

Hand-pack polybag mailers have strong side seams, a generous seal flap and a secure closure to provide a lightweight option for shipping your ecommerce order fulfillment orders.

Drive-In Bank Envelopes

Boost your brand when presenting your customer with cash, coins or other valuable information with drive up bank envelopes.

DVD & CD Envelopes

Get your business and products noticed with CD or DVD envelopes.

Custom Photo Envelopes

Protect your customer’s memories while reinforcing your brand with custom photo envelopes.

Custom Seed Envelopes & Bulk Seed Packaging

Tension provides a range of custom seed packet envelopes with graphics and printing options from single-color to four-color process.

Custom Printed Envelopes

A large selection of creative features, envelope stocks and envelope sizes allow for custom envelope designs to meet your campaign needs.

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