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USPS 2021 Promotions and Incentives Resource Guide
Get details on the six mailing promotions for 2021.
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Creating an Appealing Mailpiece Cover
Creating an Appealing Mailpiece Resource Guide
Learn to infuse haptics into your mailpiece.
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DMB Choosing Your Format cover
Choosing Your Format Resource Guide
Learn how to choose a format for your direct mailpiece.
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testing direct mailpiece
Testing Your Mailpiece White Paper Series
Learn how the industry defines direct mail testing and some tips for how to test.
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Targeting and lists
Targeting and Lists White Paper Series
Learn how to target the right audience and select the list that's right for your campaign.
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Creating Your Offer
Creating Your Offer White Paper Series
Learn how to craft an offer that appeals to your audience.
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Getting to Know the USPS White Paper Series
Learn about key USPS players, resources and programs.
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Planning for an Integrated Campaign
Planning Your Direct Mail and Integrated Campaigns White Paper Series
Know the planning steps you need to successfully execute your integrated campaign.
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Guide to Envelope Paper Weights Resource Guide
Learn how to select the best paper for your project.
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Getting Started with Direct Mail white paper cover
Getting Started with Direct Mail White Paper Series
Tips to get started on a direct mail campaign for beginners.
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IMb Guide
Guide to the Intelligent Mail barcode Resource Guide
Learn how to decode your Intelligent Mail barcode.
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Envelope Size Guide
Envelope Size Guide Resource Guide

Learn how to determine the correct size of your envelope.

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envelopes vs. postcards white paper
Envelopes vs. Postcards White Paper
Direct mail is a proven winner. Learn when, how and why to use either an envelope or postcard in your campaign.
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Envelope Basics
Envelope Basics White Paper

Learn how to select, measure and order your envelopes with confidence with our Envelope Basics guide.

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#10 envelope size
How to Measure a #10 Envelope Resource Guide
Discover how to accurately measure and provide measurements for your #10 envelope.
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donor communications
Maximizing Your Donor Communications Resource Guide
Captivate your audience with science in your envelope design.
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Art & Science of envelope design
The Art & Science of Envelope Design Resource Guide
The difference between an effective mailpiece and one that lands in the trash may come down to two things: Art and Science.
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Transpromo White Paper image
Transpromo Envelopes White Paper
Discover the potential of envelopes by turning your transactional mailer into an integrated marketing tool.
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Sucessful Direct Mail Envelope Tips
How To Create Successful Direct Mail Envelopes White Paper
Tension Corporation provides direct mail managers, writers, designers and creative directors with tools for creating successful outer envelopes (OEs).
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Envelope Hot Spots
Envelope Hot Spots Resource Guide
3 minutes and 33 seconds is all you have to convince your mail recipient to open your envelope.
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