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Print Processes​

What is Flexographic and how does that differ from Offset? Visit our printing section to learn more on the differences between each type of envelope printing process.​

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Does your campaign call for flexo, enhanced flexo or offset litho? Determine the pros and cons of each, and what is right for you with some insights from our blog. Find our best print-related posts here.​

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You've got mail options: learn about some of the popular envelope printing options.
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Flexographic Printing: An Envelope Manufacturer's Workhorse By Karen Loggia September 20, 2017
Is flexographic printing the best choice for your envelope?
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Litho: In Living Color By Jim Thompson March 28, 2017
While flexographic printing remains a solid choice when considering printing options for invoices and other monthly mailings, direct mail pieces often deserves lithography.
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