Envelope Know-How

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With more than 130 years of being at the top of our industry, Tension has learned a few things. Let Tension serve as your resource when it comes to understanding envelope design and production.

USPS Promotions & Incentives

#10 envelope for USPS Promotions
The USPS has designed the 2019 incentives to create excitement about the mail and reward innovative mailers.

Envelope Size Charts

envelope sizes
Find specifications for your direct mail campaign with these common envelope sizes. While Tension produces custom envelopes based on specific requirements, some common sizes are organized for you here into business, booket and catalog envelopes.

Cross-sell and Build Loyalty with Transpromotional Messages

Transpromotional Envelopes
The back of a statement or customer reply envelope holds tremendous selling opportunities. It is seen when the envelope is opened or sealed, and it presents a blank canvas for you to include a transpromotional marketing message. Increase your visibility and leave a lasting impression by including cross-promotional information.

The Art and Science of Direct Mail Envelopes

Direct Mail Envelopes
With only three minutes and 33 seconds to entice the reader to open and respond to your mailing, every second counts. Engage and intrigue your reader with involvement devices, creative graphics, color and more to improve your response rates.

Flexographic Printing

Whether your job requires traditional flexo, enhanced flexo or process flexo, Tension's award-winning printing delivers every time. Tension's envelope production expertise keeps your envelopes looking sharp.

Lithographic Printing

Lithographic Printing
How do you keep your envelope in the hands of your recipient and out of the recycling bin? Certainly one way is with quality lithographic, or offset, printing. When you have just seconds to make a good impression, lithography is a powerful performer.

Glossary of Envelope Terms

envelope terms icon
An a-to-z guide for envelope terms and definitions.