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Hold on to Your Seat

3-color flexographic #10 envelope

Flexographic Print Envelopes

Looking for ways to make your direct response rates soar? It’s no secret that using vivid colors and eye-catching images help build a good direct mail envelope. These best practices were employed here. We particularly like the way the images play against the display window. This envelope was designed for three-color flexographic print.


Is It a Sticky Note, or an Illusion?

Custom Display Windows

Custom Display Window Envelopes

Sure, this envelope seems simple, but we snuck in some innovative features.

The Tension Design Group finds ways to make something look expensive while fitting within a budget. Here we created the look of brown Kraft paper using a more economical Tension Tint, which adds color to the envelope during the manufacturing process.

Make Your Message Clear

Performance Plus Envelope

#10 Display Window Envelopes

This two-color flexographic design delivers a very clear message. Less obvious is the careful planning that goes into this Performance Plus envelope and every envelope Tension manufactures.

Window Watching

Immediate Action Envelope

Custom Display Window Envelopes

Immediate Action? Time-sensitive? Tension Design Group designed this envelope to stand out in a mailbox crowded with plain white envelopes. Created for cost-effective, two-color flexographic printing, it also includes a second display window on the envelope’s back to maximize visibility of the company’s offer.  

Make a Statement

Central National Bank Envelope

Custom Window Envelopes for Statements

Great rates. And (almost) zero costs.

This envelope incorporates cross-promotional messages and brand building - two staples of Tension’s envelope design philosophy.

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