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Groove embossed envelopes

Groove Embossed Envelopes

Let your fundraising efforts shine with our TEN Groove embossed envelope. Donors will feel a connection to your organization with the tactile feature, and you could grasp savings from the USPS® - this type of envelope was designed for the 2016 USPS Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Engagement Promotion. Go ahead, see how this embossed envelope can be a bright idea for your nonprofit.

Hot Stuff!

Exite Your Customers, Ignite Your Mail Envelopes

Around here we get pretty excited by envelopes, and we're really fired up over this litho sparkler. The large text on the front is raised. It creates a tactile experience for the reader that increases the envelopes appeal (in our humble opinion). The flames are set against a striking black background and almost leap off the page.

Check out our litho direct mail envelopes. They're on fire!

Get Your Groove On

Official TEN Groove Envelope

Custom Embossed Envelopes

Say it with feeling. Textured envelopes create an immediate tactile response with the recipient. It’s a difference the recipient can feel the moment they retrieve the envelope from the mailbox.

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