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girl using mobile to view direct mail coupon

The Marriage of Mobile and Direct Mail: Part II

Create your direct mail and mobile synergy.
handwritten letter

Direct Mail: Creating Connections in the Digital Age

Take a lesson from a millennial and fuse digital and physical communications with mail.
direct mail and mobile phones

The Marriage of Mobile and Direct Mail: Part I

Discover the secret of the dynamic duo, direct mail and mobile.

Know Your Marketer: Part 4

Assessing marketers' barriers to direct mail costs.
USPS truck

Know Your Marketer: Part 2

Assessing marketers' barriers to direct mail speed, timing and performance.

Direct Mail – The Foundation of Your Integrated Marketing Mix

Savvy marketers know the recipe for a successful campaign lies in an integrated approach. And direct mail remains one of the most critical elements of a thoughtful omnichannel marketing plan.

Marketers: Word of Direct Mail’s Demise is FAKE NEWS!

The truth is it’s hot! Why? Because direct mail complements digital!

Digital and Physical Fusion

At the 2017 National Postal Forum (NPF), we heard a lot about digital and physical communications. I had to opportunity to attend, and it was nice to catch up with customers and listen to the latest industry trends.

Marketers: Don’t Fight. Print and Digital are Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Print traditionalists and digital enthusiasts are ripping each other apart trying to stake their claim on the new Marketing Landscape. Only Print and Digital are not oil and water. They complement eat other; like peas and carrots or peanut butter and jelly.

Chicken Soup for the Content Marketer’s Soul

Last night, my children helped me cook a whole chicken in preparation for a soup dinner.


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