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barcode scanner

How to Read an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)

Learn how to read your IMb barcode with confidence.
cartoon licking envelope

3 Myths about Envelope Gum

Learn about 3 myths involving envelope adhesives.
aspect ratio guide

Know Your Marketer: Part 3

Assessing marketers' barriers to direct mail specifications.
forever stamp

Know Your Marketer: Part 1

Assessing marketers' barriers to direct mail rates and promotions.

Things to Consider When Choosing Envelope Flaps

Learn how to choose the optimal envelope flap for your mailing.

Envelope Basics: Windows

Highlight your important message with a window envelope.

How Do You Address an Envelope?

Nothing is sweeter than hearing your own name, and on a direct mail or transactional envelope, nothing is sweeter than seeing your correct address.
Woman holding an general envelope

How Big Is A Number 10 Envelope?

How big is a #10 envelope? Well, it can be huge.

Intelligent Mail Barcode Dumbed Down, Take 2

In my last post (Intelligent Mail Barcode Dumbed Down), I covered the who, what, when, where and how of the Intelligent Mail barcode.
An envelope with a clearly displayed intelligent mailing barcode

Intelligent Mail Barcode, Dumbed Down

Learn what an IMb is, who uses it and where it is located.
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