Envelope Basics

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Envelope Basics

Learn about all the basics of an envelope for your (winning) mail campaign.
envelope seams

Envelope Basics: Seams

Learn about the envelope seam options for your mailing.
Envelope closures

Envelope Basics: Closures

Learn about the three most common types of envelope closures.

Envelope Basics: Flaps

Discover all of the flap possibilities for your mail campaign in this blog.

Envelope Basics: Windows

Highlight your important message with a window envelope.
Different envelope window measurements

Envelope Basics: Measuring, Part 2

Learn how to measure a window envelope with confidence.
Envelope measurements including the length and height of the whole envelope, face, seal flap, and score

Envelope Basics: Measuring, Part 1

Learn how to measure an envelope with confidence.
Rolls of envelope paper

Envelope Paper: Types of Envelope Paper & Weight of Envelopes

Learn about the types of paper used in envelope construction, and which choice is best for your mail campaign.

Envelope Basics: Printing

You've got mail options: learn about some of the popular envelope printing options.

Envelope Basics: The Grand Opening

Whether you’re a mailing industry newcomer or seasoned pro, if you work with envelopes you need the basics.
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