Direct Mail Basics

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DMB Acquisition vs Retention

Direct Mail Lists: Acquisition vs. Retention Lists

Tension's Direct Mail Basics series continues with this installment of Acquisition vs Retention lists.
direct mail offer strategy

Crafting Your Direct Mail Offer

Learn best practices for crafting an offer that is strategic.
business objective planning

Crafting Your Direct Mail Offer

Keep your business objectives in mind when crafting your offer.

Tips for Choosing Your Mail Format: Envelopes vs. Postcards

Get to know the pros and cons of the two most popular direct mail formats - envelopes and postcards.
mail classes

Get to Know the USPS and the Classes of Mail

Become familiar with the different classes of mail for businesses.
marketing toolkit

Expand Your Marketing Toolkit with the USPS 

Learn about these four USPS programs for your marketing toolkit.
direct mail checklist

The Direct Mail Checklist

Check out this list of things to do for your campaign.

Very Important Partners: The Direct Mail Ecosystem

Get to know your direct mail ecosystem.
Direct Mail

Understanding the Major Steps of a Direct Mail Campaign

Learn the major steps of a direct mail campaign.
direct mail timeline

How Long Does It Take to Do a Direct Mail Campaign?

Estimate the time you need for your direct mail campaign.
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