The Marketing Vehicle That Grabs Your Target's Attention

By Toby Reed

Making Your Message Heard...and Relevant

The greatest marketing challenge of our time is simply gaining our audience’s attention. In this overly connected, hyper-personalized, instant gratification society, finding an audience and keeping that audience’s attention is very difficult. A television marketing executive knows he is competing with 300 other channels who are catering to an audience that is more connected and less attentive. It is an audience that now consumes media not 1 device or program at a time, but 2, 3, or 4. The typical television viewer is parked on their couch watching a program while simultaneously tweeting and posting statuses on their phones. The same challenge exists in web marketing. The typical computer user searching the internet for a great deal may be viewing a marketer’s website while at the same time streaming music and instant messaging with their friends. The challenge of making your medium and message relevant enough to hold the attention of your target audience is a daunting task.

The problem with traditional forms of media like magazines and newspapers is that they have been replaced by their online counterparts. Only, the online versions are typically left to compete with the multitude of ‘interruption marketing’ that clutters the digital space. Again, leaving the marketer to compete for their core audience’s attention.

Then there is email marketing. Trumpeted to be the game changer of the marketing world. With its tremendous reach and low cost, email marketing seemed to be the medium to reach that ever more elusive target customer. Only, the target audience member doesn’t always see the mass email campaign. Spam filters block and quarantine your message from ever being viewed. More and more, target customers are subscribing to multiple email accounts just to have a dedicated spam email account they can provide retailers when asked. It’s the digital version of a bogus phone number or fake name provided to an admirer in a restaurant or club.

Cutting Through the Noise with Direct Mail

So in this world of hyper-connectivity how does a marketer cut through the noise, find its target audience, and gain their captivated attention if only for 10-15 seconds? Where does a marketer turn to ensure that their message, which has been carefully and expensively crafted, actually finds its way to a desired recipient without getting filtered like their emails, or interrupted by a webpage pop-up ad, or diverted by a television scroll bar? How can a marketer know that their message will be delivered in a timely way and not missed because someone changed the radio station, or went to the bathroom during a commercial break, or was re-directed to a spam filter/spam email account? The answer is simple, and has been the best way to reach and connect with the marketers' target audience for years. Direct Mail.

With the wealth of data cleansing activity going on today, direct mail lists can be highly targeted, ensuring you reach your target audience’s mailbox. Once delivered, the paper based medium that carries your message does not have to compete with spam filters, pop-up ads, scroll bars, or other white noise.  When in your recipient’s hand, they must personally view each direct mail piece prior to making any decision regarding its fate. In that moment, as brief as it may be, you have found what all other media seeks; your target audience’s undivided attention. Direct Mail delivers this opportunity. That moment you have your recipient’s attention to make an impression, deliver a message, and earn a customer. The question is, have you done enough to maximize this opportunity? Have you given enough attention to the one marketing vehicle that owns this precious moment in time? Did you consider the impact of…the envelope?

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