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Know Your Marketer: Part 5

A Guide to Speaking to Your Marketing Contacts about Direct Mail
By Erin Moloney

A recent OIG report revealed reservations marketers have about direct mail. As a mailing industry professional, you have the opportunity to educate marketing colleagues about the importance of direct mail. This guide can help!

know your marketer #5

Reservation #5: We Don’t Have the Design Tools for Direct Mail!

Sometimes in marketing, progress drives our curiosity. We are always on the watch for better processes, better applications and better ideas (in true form to our Lean and Continuous Improvement culture). So when marketers have reservations about the lack of design tools for direct mail, we have ideas for them.

The solution: Overcome the perception of operational barriers with solid design tactics.

Create Templates and Repeatable Processes

Templates and repeatable processes are ideal for marketers. Knowing that mail specifications call for specific address, postage and messaging placement, along with size and aspect ratio requirements, you can set up a blank template that can be used for your direct mailpiece over and over again with these parameters in mind. And once you have that in line, you only need creative and copy to finish up the mailpiece.

Jumpstart Creative

Creative can take time depending on schedules and approvals, so it’s best to discuss timelines upfront. You can pull images from your customer’s website to get a jumpstart on the overall look of your mailpiece, or work with our Tension Design Group for custom design. Plus, it’s good for integrated marketing efforts where a consistent, visual theme is beneficial for the brand.

Hey There, Partner!

Another way to overcome perceived operational barriers is to know your vendor network well and work closely with them on the details and timing for your mailing. Identify affiliate printers and mailing experts that can support a mailing, and understand if that means some of or all components of your campaign. Tension Direct is managed by a trusted partner who can handle the entire project from your contact list to the actual mailing.

We’ve been designing successful mailpieces for more than 132 years, and work toward our continuous improvement ideals every day. Contact us and let us put our experience to work for you.

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