Know Your Marketer: Part 4

A Guide to Speaking to Your Marketing Contacts about Direct Mail
By Mike Desmarais

A recent OIG report revealed reservations marketers have about direct mail. As a mailing industry professional, you have the opportunity to educate marketing colleagues about the importance of direct mail. This guide can help!

Mail stands out: it’s formal, official and commands attention. It's powerful as a stand-alone marketing piece, and can be even more powerful when combined with digital.

So, when the marketing team expresses reservations about the cost and effectiveness of direct mail, make sure they understand the whole picture.

direct mail reservation #4

Reservation #4: Traditional Mail is Too Expensive.

Due to the materials and production involved, traditional mail is more expensive to produce than email. Is it any wonder the marketing team might question whether direct mail’s return on investment (ROI) really does pay off?

The solution: Communicate the value of direct mail.

Promoting Direct Mail to Marketers

In a side-by-side comparison, direct mail garners more attention than email with a 4.4% response rate vs. 0.12% with email. Consumers also report a higher brand recall with direct mail at 75% vs. 44% with email, suggesting they are more emotionally attached to a physical piece of mail. So while it may be more expensive to produce a direct mailpiece, a higher response rate and brand recall could yield a larger return at the end of your campaign. Share research with your marketing contacts and let them know the effectiveness of direct mail!

Integrated Marketing

We are digitally inundated every day with social media, blogs, videos, Google ads and email, and are at times becoming immune to the constant barrage of digital noise. So while digital holds bragging rights for customer reach, mail is still more effective.

Smart marketers combine digital and physical on direct mailpieces that link to personalized URLs (PURLs) or landing pages for specific products. In doing so, they bridge the experience for customers with integrated campaigns that can also enjoy the reach of digital and the effectiveness of direct mail, up to around 25% more in consumer spend.

Leaning on Templates

Knowing the effectiveness, reach and instant gratification “digital direct mail” offers, you can defray some of the production costs by streamlining the design process. Create direct mail templates with repeatable processes you can use with each campaign to help save time and money. Put in place Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to update (and foolproof) your processes.

Debunk the high cost of mail myth by looking at ROI opportunities for the entire project, especially with direct mail that features a digital component. Contact Tension today for tips on how to communicate the value of direct mail to your marketing contacts.

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