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Know Your Marketer: Part 2

A Guide to Speaking to Your Marketing Contacts about Direct Mail
By Erin Moloney

A recent OIG report revealed reservations marketers have about direct mail. As a mailing industry professional, you have the opportunity to educate marketing colleagues about the importance of direct mail. This guide can help!

Instant gratification. We are conditioned to it. We crave it. And we can find it – along with, many solutions – at the swipe of a finger on our phones or tablets. Naturally, then, marketers have reservations about snail mail and its ability to deliver what we need.

direct mail reservation #2

Reservation #2: Direct Mail Won’t Deliver the Speed, Timing and Performance I Want.

Given the length of time it takes to create and disseminate a direct mail campaign, marketers naturally wonder: How can traditional mail compete with the delivery speed, exact timing and performance of digital?

The solution: Don’t try to compete with digital. Instead, embrace the “speed of the swipe” in your direct mail campaign by improving turnaround and increasing reporting efficiencies.

Waste Watchers

First, speed up your direct mail by zeroing in on the process and zeroing out the waste. Your marketing contacts are comparing direct mail to digital (e.g., consider how much less time it takes to draft an email than to create a mailpiece), so it’s critical to reduce steps in the process that cause duplicate work and added time:

  • Streamline your file approval and transfer processes to a central, cloud-based system where all team members have access.
  • Set up a dedicated file transfer platform to send and receive large graphic files.

Drop the Miscommunication

In direct mail marketing, timing can also be critical to a campaign, especially when urgency is communicated in the messaging. Make sure any date-related terms align with those of your marketing and USPS colleagues. For example, a “drop date” for a mailer means the day the #10 envelope direct mailpiece is dropped at the USPS for mailing, and not when it arrives in the recipient’s mailbox.

Dashing Reporting Dashboards

Digital campaigns offer immediate feedback through campaign data. When mail is combined with digital, it can enjoy immediate feedback on coveted campaign performance data, too.

Informed Delivery, which allows mail recipients to view images of their hardcopy mail on email, gives marketers the opportunity to view feedback on a robust reporting dashboard. Including personalized URLs (PURLs) on your mailpiece is another great way to track performance, as they can provide an instant, digital review of metrics. They also provide instant attribution, which is likely welcome news to your marketing contacts trying to determine campaign source effectiveness.

When communicating with your marketing contacts, let them know that while mail takes longer to send than an email, there are ways to simplify the process. More importantly, mail makes a powerful impression that can be enhanced with a corresponding email message. Contact us today to talk with a Tension sales expert about the power of direct mail for your organization.

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