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Know Your Marketer: Part 1

A Guide to Speaking to Your Marketing Contacts about Direct Mail
By Sean McAleer

A recent OIG report revealed reservations marketers have about direct mail. As a mailing industry professional, you have the opportunity to educate marketing colleagues about the importance of direct mail. This guide can help!

Have you heard about the new breed of marketer? Today’s marketers are versatile, skilled in everything from design to coding. And they are busy, wearing hats for social media, email, CRM, marketing automation, direct mail content marketing, Google Analytics, web design, SEO, retargeting...and the list continues.

Given that lengthy list, it’s not surprising marketers have reservations about direct mail at times! Understanding their concerns is the first step toward addressing them.

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Reservation #1: Mailing Rates and Promotions are Confusing!

When a marketer faces an already super busy day and is also tasked with understanding mailing rates and promotions, the prospect can be overwhelming.

The solution: Become the Rosetta stone of marketers and translate USPS speak for them! This can help your customers better understand mailing lingo, rates and promotions (and maybe help them find better discounts, too).

USPS Acronyms Guide

The USPS loves acronyms. To prove it, they put together a guide that spells out all 663 (not a typo) of their glossary of postal terms, where you can find the definitions for rate-related mail acronyms such as IMb, AADC price and DNDC. Hint: The “Control F” function on your keyboard is a quick way to navigate this page.

Postage Rates

Mailing rates can be challenging to understand due to the many classes and types of mail. When postage rates increased in January 2018, the USPS published a helpful overview that breaks down postage by mail class, type (e.g., automation or nonautomation) and package services, and can be used to help educate you and your customers on mailing rates.

USPS Promotions White Paper

Prior to 2018, the USPS offered money-saving promotions and incentives to mailers (and once a Board of Governors is in place, they will be able to vote on future USPS promotions). The incentives had specific requirements that needed to be met in order to qualify for discounts, which were confusing to some mailers. To help outline important details, Tension created a white paper featuring each promotion, which was repurposed into a webpage and blogs featuring real-world application examples. These materials detailed the promotion dates, program requirements and other important information, and most of all, offered HSV (high skim value yes, we like acronyms, too) to those who needed the information – marketers in a digestible format. 

Tension Sales experts are Certified Postal Partners and well-versed in USPS acronyms, mailing rates and more. Contact us today for your USPS language lesson, and make some friends in your marketing circle.

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