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How Big Is A Number 9 Envelope?

By Erin Moloney

While the #10 envelope is the most popular envelope size in the mailstream, number 9 envelopes are a popular choice. The number 9 envelope is commonly used in reply mail, most often used to remit payment or send in donations. Tension has expansive experience manufacturing these industry workhorses.

What is the Size of a #9 Envelope?

Like the #10 envelope, there is no single way to describe a #9 envelope’s size. Generally speaking, the size of a standard number 9 envelope is 3 7/8 inches high by 8 7/8 inches long.

3 7/8" x 8 7/8"

However, most of the envelopes that Tension produces are custom designed to meet unique specifications, so there is no official standard for a number 9 envelope size: Our #9 envelopes could measure 3 7/8 inches high by 8 7/8 inches long or be a slight variation of that depending on our customers’ needs.

Check out our popular page, common envelope sizes, to learn more about envelope size specifications.

What is a #9 Envelope?

Number 9 envelopes are small enough to fit inside a #10 envelope. When you open your monthly statements, bills or a donation request, you’ll often find a smaller white #9 envelope included inside as a prompt for funds.

Number 9 Envelopes and Reply Mail Return Envelopes

Number 9 envelopes are commonly referred to as Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM), Business Reply Mail (BRM), or return envelopes. As the name implies for CRM, the mail recipient pays for the postage on the #9 reply envelopes to return it back to the sender, while the sender pays for postage on a BRM. CRM and BRM mailpieces feature both pre-addressed envelopes and Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb), which qualify them for USPS® automated mailings. Mailers who send #9 envelopes, such as banks, credit card companies, insurance agencies or nonprofits, can enjoy expedited responses with the delivery speed from an automated mailing, as well as confidence in accurate pre-addressed mail deliveries by way of these effective little mailpieces.

Tension Tip: Have you ever noticed how one-third of a 8 ½ inch by 11 inch sheet of paper, such as a pre-addressed reply for payment in your bill, statement or donation mail, measures 3 2/3 inches x 8 ½ inches? At this size, it conveniently fits in a number 9 envelope as a response mechanism. When customizing your #9 envelope size, just be sure to allow for ½ inch clearance on all sides of your #9 reply insert.

How to Send Business Reply Mail

In order for a sender to provide mail recipients with prepaid postage on a Business Reply mailpiece, they first need to set up a permit through the USPS. Permit holders pay an annual fee to the USPS based on a per-piece charge for each First-Class Mail® or Priority Mail® #9 returned mailpiece (and not the number of piece sent). A ZIP+4 cCode is also need to qualify for Business Reply Mail for sorting purposes, and can also be obtained from the USPS.

Custom Number 9 Envelope Window Options custom envelope windows

Because there is no standard size for a #9 envelope, there is also no standard window that comes with it (if a window is requested at all). While the distance between the window and the envelope fold must be at least one-half inch on the side and from the bottom, we can customize both the window size and shape on a number 9 envelope based on the customer specifications.

Custom Number 9 Envelope Print Options

If you’ve watched how an envelope is made at Tension, you know our high-end printing machines can handle up to 6 colors and an inside security tint. This is especially useful for #9 envelopes: the inside security tint holds sensitive payment and billing information safe in the mailstream while color on the outside of the number 9 envelope can be used for transpromotional messages, or promotional messages that are included on a transactional mailpiece such as a #9 envelope to inform, engage, brand, cross-sell, upgrade and more.

#9. #9. #9. (That’s Code for the Benefits of a #9 Envelope)

Forget the White Album. Think of your #9 envelope as a way to repeat business with your customers or secure fundraising with your donors. Check out our #9 envelope product page for ideas to inspire your creativity, and contact us to get the conversation going on how to best include a #9 envelope in your next mailing.

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