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How Big Is A Number 10 Envelope?

By Karen Loggia

“What’s the size of a standard #10 envelope?" Seemed like an innocent enough question when I started working in the envelope industry, but the sideways glance I got in return told me I asked a “there’s no such thing as a dumb question except for that one” question.

What is the Size of a #10 Envelope?

While there is no standard #10 envelope, in general, the size of a standard number 10 envelope is 4 1/8 inches high by 9 1/2 inches long.

4 1/8" x 9 1/2"

Why neither of these measurements are ten inches is another conversation entirely. It is true that in our business there is no standard #10 envelope. Most of the envelopes that Tension produces are custom designed to meet unique specifications.

You can find more common envelope sizes here.Download icon for #10 Envelope Guide

What is a #10 Envelope?

Most envelopes that travel through the mailstream are #10s. Monthly statements, monthly bills and utility bills (commonly referred to as “transactional” mail) are frequently mailed in number 10 envelopes. Direct mail and policy renewals from insurance companies will often use a #10 as well. Fold up an 8-1/2 by 11-inch sheet of paper and you will see that a #10 envelope is its perfect home.

Number 10s certainly account for a large percentage of the envelopes that Tension manufactures. The custom #10 envelopes manufactured by Tension will vary by flap length, window size and window placement based on the exact specifications of our customers’ orders.

Can I Get a Standard Number 10 Envelope with a Standard Window?1/2 inch minimum clearance on envelope window

No surprise, again there are no standard windows on the kind of custom envelopes that Tension produces. But we do know that the distance between the window and the envelope fold has to be at least one-half inch on the side and from the bottom. We also often see windows that are around 1-inch high to 5-inches long.

Throw me a Bone, What Else Can Do You Do With Windows?Custom window dog bone

Envelopes that are interesting and unique tend to be held and handled longer. A unique window can make a difference, especially when it is related to and enhances your brand. We’ve seen nice examples of unique shapes that capture a reader’s attention.

But, My #10 Envelope is Just to Send a Bill

You say bill, I say monthly appointment with your customer. A monthly mailing can do so much more than transport a statement. It’s a prime opportunity to connect with your customer. It’s often sent in a #10 envelope and frequently a #9 business reply or customer reply envelope is included.

Messages and promotions that accompany your billing and statement mail present a powerful opportunity. They can be used for transpromotional messages, or messages that promote a secondary message in addition to delivering its primary message/contents. The piggyback message on a billing envelope can inform, engage, brand, cross-sell, upgrade and more.

If you're already sending monthly mailings to customers and donors, this is a way to maximize the time your mailing spends in the hands of your customers.

What is the Benefit of a #10 Envelope? Well, it can be HUGE.

There are countless things you can do to jazz up your number ten envelope. Like this, this or even this! The impact of a number 10 envelope can go way beyond its physical size.

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