Donor-centric Direct Mail

2 Tips to Boost Your Fundraiser
By Lisa Whorley

A “transpromotional” message. What is it? Good question. It’s copy on the outside of a statement envelope (e.g. transactional) that promotes an idea, product or organization. Transpromotional messages are also opportunities to connect with your donors the instant they receive their mail.

Looking to promote donor stewardship this year? Do it transpromotionally! Here are two quick ideas for your next direct mailpiece:  

Say Please and Thank You (with Data)

Sometimes, being donor-centric is as simple as practicing good manners. When you ask someone to “please” support your cause, it’s only courteous to reply with a “thank you,” right?  And, recognizing your donors in a more personal manner through data insights could impact your fundraising bottom line in a big way – to the tune of a 135% boost in response1. While it is a nice gesture, plainly stating “Thank you for your gift!” is much less relevant and impactful for “Julie” than “Julie, your December contribution helped make the 2017 Pet Project our most successful yet. Thank you!"

Make a Difference with Infographics

Transpromotional messages can also be effective on fundraising mail when they highlight interesting statistics in an infographic:

direct mail infographic

“Your gift helped to provide: 15,000 coats; 1,500 hats; and 1,300 scarves for people in our community during the harsh winter months last year.”

Infographics can also communicate campaign goals. “How can your gift make a difference? Last year, we hoped to collect 18,000 coats and brought in 15,000. Your donation can help us bring warmth to someone still in need.”

At Tension, we’re customer-centric. We’re here to help you use transpromotional messages as an instant, donor-centric way to get results. Contact us to discuss how we can help your fundraiser get results this year through direct mail.


1 – Canon Solutions America


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