Direct Mail – The Foundation of Your Integrated Marketing Mix

By Toby Reed

Savvy marketers know the recipe for a successful campaign lies in an integrated approach. And direct mail remains one of the most critical elements of a thoughtful omnichannel marketing plan.

Despite digital holding court as the current darling of the marketing world, direct mail is still a major powerhouse when it comes to generating responses and inciting customers to take action.

The Power of Direct Mail

But today’s lucky direct marketer doesn’t have to choose…

There are many inventive ways to combine the best of direct and digital for optimal response rates and a better consumer experience. A new Mobile Shopping Promotion from the USPS encourages mailers to incorporate mobile technology into their direct mail pieces. Merging channels streamlines the purchase process and improves the customer experience (CX) for mobile shoppers.

Mobile Shopping Promotion Basics

  • Your mailpiece must feature a barcode or other print that can be read by a mobile device
  • It must lead to a mobile-optimized shopping website
  • Your customer needs to be able to easily purchase the advertised product

The measurability and robust data collection potential of direct mail cements its position in any omnichannel marketing effort. Your Tension sales representative can help you with even more ideas for integrating mail to increase engagement and response on your next campaign.

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