Change: Jump In!

By Toby Reed

Okay, so things change. That causes stress and discomfort because of uncertainty. Worry that in one way or another the future will not be as good, or possibly even worse, as your situation at present.

Constant Change

Change in and of itself is not scary. What is scary is the loss of control. The feeling that you no longer understand the rules. The uncomfortable feeling of not knowing how to move forward in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Elections change leaders, technology drives business trends, and changing generations create new cultural norms. These things happen. Like it or not, change is constant.

So given the inevitability of change, the question becomes not how do you stop it, but how do you thrive from it? The question is not, how do you cope with change, but how can you lead the change?

To this end, I say ‘jump in’!

Leave Fear Behind

How did you learn to swim? How did you learn to ride a bike? You had to attempt the task to ultimately reduce your fear and become proficient at it. Maybe you were pushed into the pool as a kid, or maybe your dad lied and said he wouldn’t let go of the bicycle seat. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you conquered the fear on your own or were helped along the way. The point is that once you were immersed into the situation, you began learning how to adapt. You began understanding how to keep your balance, or how to stay afloat. And as you learned these tasks your fear subsided.

Face it. The longer you stare at the pool, or avoid an uncomfortable task, or put off learning something new, the more overwhelming that task becomes. The fear becomes greater and the effort to overcome that fear and deal with change becomes greater and more difficult still.

Make an Uncomforable Habit

So do yourself a favor. Jump in. Make getting uncomfortable a habit. Find something daily that scares you and address it. By eliminating those fears around you, you put yourself in a situation where you become the one to break new barriers. You become the one who is first into the pool. And you become the one MAKING the change. And all of those uncomfortable moments spent dreading change becomes something that those who follow you will need to worry about.


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