7 Simple Ways to Make Your Business Greener

By Erin Moloney

There are so many reasons to make your business greener. From boosting your sustainability credentials to reducing costs, embracing green can improve your bottom line (and it doesn’t have to be complex). If you’re looking for simple ways to make your business green and kickstart your sustainability drive, look no further.

1. Use Paper

While digital is the current darling of communications, paper is still the marketing powerhouse. When given the option between digital and paper communications, 79% of respondents indicated they prefer printed information1. And, paper is environmentally-friendly! Planted forests are an environmental boon because 1) paper is made from wood, a renewable, sustainable resource and 2) responsible wood, pulp and paper production ensures healthy forests. You can also opt for repurposable paper options, like recycled notebooks or envelopes, that can be reused to help reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Switch to LEDsLED lights green

This is a great way to boost your sustainability efforts. Switching from your usual light bulbs to LEDs may result in an initial higher cost, yet you’ll reap the benefits over the long term. LEDs also last around five times longer than the alternative, so you won’t need to replace bulbs as often.

3. Encourage Staff to Switch Off

Most organizations use electronics throughout the day, racking up energy costs. Encourage your employees to switch equipment off when they’re not using it, especially overnight. This could significantly reduce your energy consumption.

4. Recycle Office Products

From waste paper to printer cartridges, there are so many pieces of office waste that can be recycled. Many residential trash services have recycling pick up, so recycling may already be a familiar activity for employees. Special equipment, such as old computers and electronics, can be responsibly recycled at special drop-off locations.

5. Offer Remote Work Opportunies

While not suitable for all businesses and job roles, remote working can help make your business green. It can reduce the number of vehicle emissions from work commutes, and could reduce your office’s energy consumption. Flexible working and the choice to work from home occasionally is likely to be appreciated by your employees, too.  

6. Replace Outdated Equipment

From the fridge in the kitchen to computers, electronics have become far more energy-friendly. Replacing outdated equipment with those that use less energy is a simple way to become greener. You don’t have to spend a fortune and replace all your equipment at once, yet it’s a step to keep in mind when you’re considering such investments.  

7. Choose a Green Energy Provider

With so many different energy providers on the market, you now have the freedom to choose one that utilizes renewable energy. Wind, solar, and other forms of renewable energies can be equally as effective traditional energy sources, and may offer incentives. You may discover your energy bill decreases by going green.  


1 - “The Attractiveness and Sustainability of Print and Paper: A Two Sides Survey of U.S. Consumers.” Toluna Inc., June 2016


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