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Getting Schooled on Print By Erin Moloney July 27, 2016
“I don’t know. Do I REALLY need to print this e-mail?” This was my brother’s sole response to a note sent him from my work e-mail at a previous employer. As the younger sibling, I was well-versed in his sarcasm. He was calling me out.
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Overexposed: Is Too Much Content Marketing Bad? By Toby Reed July 12, 2016
A few days ago my wife deactivated her Facebook account. She told me she didn’t like the way it made her feel. Specifically, the polarizing comments made by people she was ‘friends’ with online.
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Context vs. Content Marketing: And the Fallacy of the Debate By Toby Reed July 6, 2016
So I was on a plane. I was below 10,000 feet and had no WiFi so felt a little like a member of Gilligan’s Island. Stranded without any connection to the outside world…the internet.
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Big Idea: Start Your Lean Journey Small By Toby Reed June 21, 2016
Now I am not an expert on continuous improvement. I know enough to be dangerous, and realize there is a world of concepts in this arena I am still unfamiliar with. With that said, I am familiar with many Lean concepts and tools.
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Marketers: To Disrupt, Please Educate and Inform. Don't Interrupt and Sell. You Could Kill Your Brand. By Toby Reed June 13, 2016
I have some time to kill. I’m in an airport awaiting a flight to Dusseldorf, Germany and see a text message that my flight has just been delayed 2 hours. Lovely! So, like any good professional, I power up my laptop and figure I will make lemonade out of lemons and get some work done.
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Purchasing: My Price Is Not Your Cost By Toby Reed May 5, 2016
I want to share a frustration I have. A mistake that those who procure products and services sometimes make. That mistake? Believing that a price for a product or service is their cost.
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We Do Not Sell Envelopes: 3 Reasons Why We Avoid Selling Product and Your Sales Team Should Too By Toby Reed May 3, 2016
Our sales team does not sell envelopes. I don’t want you to get me wrong, you can still find salespeople who do. You know them, the old product pushers. The salespeople whose sales process is 100% about telling you how their knife set slices and dices better than the competition.
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Direct Mail: Still Not Dead By Toby Reed April 27, 2016
When speaking of Direct Mail I am often reminded of the Mark Twain quote “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”. So is true of Direct Mail.
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The Marketing Vehicle That Grabs Your Target's Attention By Toby Reed April 25, 2016
The greatest marketing challenge of our time is simply gaining our audience’s attention. In this overly connected, hyper-personalized, instant gratification society, finding an audience and keeping that audience’s attention is very difficult.
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