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Informed Delivery for Business Mailers: How to Create an Interactive Campaign By Jim Zimay October 10, 2017

In April 2017, the USPS® launched Informed Delivery and gave consumers the option to digitally preview their mail. It has been largely successful with an estimated 5 million household users and a 70% email open rate.

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3 Ways to Raise Donor Stewardship through Direct Mail By Erin Moloney October 4, 2017
How can you boost your donor stewardship? Demographics, a simple donation process and data could hold the keys.
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Machine Maintenance By Bob Broadbear September 26, 2017
We’ve always said that what differentiates Tension from all the other envelope companies is our People, our Processes and our Technology.
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Flexographic Printing: An Envelope Manufacturer's Workhorse By Karen Loggia September 20, 2017
Is flexographic printing the best choice for your envelope?
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Getting to Know You: Gearheads and Great Results By Erin Moloney September 12, 2017
Meet one of Tension's secret weapons: Greg Copeland.
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Product Spotlight: Protec™ Envelopes By Karen Loggia September 6, 2017
Protec is a heavy duty envelope that protects sensitive documents.
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Envelope Basics: Printing By Karen Loggia August 23, 2017
You've got mail options: learn about some of the popular envelope printing options.
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Nationwide and Secure: USPS Informed Delivery™ By Lon Robinson July 18, 2017
Have you heard about the United States Postal Service program, Informed Delivery?
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How Do You Address an Envelope? By Karen Loggia July 11, 2017
Nothing is sweeter than hearing your own name, and on a direct mail or transactional envelope, nothing is sweeter than seeing your correct address.
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Envelope Basics: The Grand Opening By Ken Heying July 5, 2017
Whether you’re a mailing industry newcomer or seasoned pro, if you work with envelopes you need the basics.
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How Big Is A Number 10 Envelope? By Karen Loggia June 27, 2017
How big is a #10 envelope? Well, it can be huge.
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Intelligent Mail Barcode Dumbed Down, Take 2 By Karen Loggia June 14, 2017
In my last post (Intelligent Mail Barcode Dumbed Down), I covered the who, what, when, where and how of the Intelligent Mail barcode.
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