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USPS 2021 Promotions and Incentives By Jim Zimay December 9, 2020
Prepare your 2021 mail projects for potential savings with USPS Promotions & Incentives.
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The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Uncoated Freesheet Paper By Toby Reed November 19, 2020
Read this update on the latest developments in the envelope paper market.
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2 Ways to Qualify for USPS Promotions with Transactional Mail By Erin Moloney November 12, 2020
Learn about two USPS promotions for transactional mail.
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Print Basics: Lithography, the Direct Mailer’s Muse  By Neil Lubin October 29, 2020
Learn about offset lithography and why it's the ideal choice for direct mail.
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Print Basics: Flexography, The Most Common Method for Envelope Printing By Alora Chamblee October 22, 2020
Meet flexo, the envelope workhorse.
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Print Basics: An Overview of Envelope Printing By Lisa Whorley October 14, 2020
Learn about the basics involved with envelope printing.
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Get to Know the USPS and the Classes of Mail By Tim O'Hanlon October 8, 2020
Become familiar with the different classes of mail for businesses.
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New USPS Guide: Best Practices for USPS Imitation Markings and Trademarks By Lon Robinson September 24, 2020
Learn about the do's and don'ts of mailpiece design with help from this new USPS guide.
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Product Spotlight: 3 Ways to Create a Brilliant Direct Mailpiece By Erin Moloney September 15, 2020
Make a good first impression in the mailbox with an envelope made with metallic paper, ink or foil.
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Now Registering: USPS 2020 Informed Delivery Promotion By Jim Zimay August 27, 2020
Learn how to qualify for the USPS 2020 Informed Delivery promotion.
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Expand Your Marketing Toolkit with the USPS  By Ken Heying August 13, 2020
Learn about these four USPS programs for your marketing toolkit.
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Product Spotlight: Forms and Labels  By Erin Moloney July 30, 2020
Highlight your business communications with custom forms and labels.
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