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  1. Know Your Marketer: The Top 5 Reservations Marketers Have About Direct Mail

    ... naturally wonder: How can traditional mail compete with the delivery speed, exact timing and performance of digital? The Solution ... on coveted campaign performance data, too. What is Informed Delivery? Informed Delivery , which allows mail recipients to ...

  2. Coming Soon: USPS 2019 Promotions

    ... online shopping experiences during the holidays. 6. Informed Delivery Promotion – This is a brand-new promotion! It encourages mailers ...

  3. Bridging Digital and Physical: The Key to Direct Marketing Success 

    ... children’s toy company, print and deliver a catalog. Using Informed Visibility, they knew when the catalogs had been delivered. That event ... the marketing message it was delivering.  Informed Delivery, the USPS’s big push into making its digital footprint, is perhaps ...

  4. 3 Ways to Fuel Your Mailing and Shipping Success in 2019

    ... Reimagining Mail with Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery ...

  5. What's Going on at the USPS?

  6. Product Spotlight: Protec™ vs. Tyvek Envelopes®

  7. Get to Know the 40/40/20 Rule with Your Statement Mail, Part 1

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