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Uncompromised Check Solutions

State of the Art Laser Check Security
Uncompromised Check Solutions Uncompromised Check SolutionsUncompromised Check Solutions

Ready to go beyond the envelope? Uncompromised Check Solutions from Tension are field-tested and deliver security and value. These market-leading products provide well above the minimum eight security features needed to qualify as a “high-security check.”

These checks use a variety of security features to greatly reduce liability in check fraud loss. These include:

  • Security features incorporated into the paper.

  • Printed security features added to the check.

  • A warning band calling attention to security features.

  • Different line spacings on the check backer to deter alteration.

  • Minimum of Eight Security Features
  • Software Compatible
  • Embedded Paper Security
  • Economical Check Options
  • Multiple Color Choices

High Security

Designed to prevent fraudulent activities
Designed to prevent fraudulent activities

Embedded Features

Multiple security features can reduce check fraud
Multiple security features can reduce check fraud

Multiple Options

Standard and laser checks available
Standard and laser checks available

Work with Tension to streamline your purchasing process and obtain accounts payable materials quickly and reliably. Uncompromised Check Solutions from Tension offer high security, popular check colors and pantograph options for your check products. 

Well Above Standard High-Security Checks

With a minimum of eight security features, Uncompromised Check Solutions provide well above the amount of needed features to qualify as a “high-security check.” Among its prominent security features:

Paper Security Features

  1. Invisible Embedded Fibers: Ultraviolet, light-sensitive fibers in the paper stock that can be seen only under black light (ultraviolet light).
  2. Chemical Reactive Paper: Checks printed on this paper have a Chemical Wash Warning Box on the backer. The warning box calls the attention of the check verifier to the color of the check paper. Any discoloration within the box may indicate the check has been tampered with and should stop the verifier from processing the check.

Printed Security Features

  1. Thermochromic Icon: Used to print an image or icon that reacts to changes in temperature. If you touch or blow on an image printed in this ink it will disappear. After it cools, the image will reappear. A heat-reactive, thermochromic icon that cannot be replicated on a color copier or laser printer.
  2. Warning Band: A warning band calling attention to security features.
  3. Microprint Endorsement Lines: Printed words so small they appear as a solid line.
  4. Diagonal Dimensional Backer: Different spacing of lines on check backer to deter alteration.
  5. Padlock Icon: Allowed by CPSA when checks have additional security features incorporated into the design, production or materials.
  6. Artificial Watermark: Prints an artificial watermark that copiers and scanners cannot read and copy.

Multiple Check Features and Color Options

In addition to security features, checks from Tension include the following check features:

  • Header information (up to five lines)
  • Bank imprint
  • Fractional number
  • Optional prefix
  • Arabic number
  • Consecutive MICR number
  • Routing and transition number
  • Account number
  • Optional second signature line
  • Signature title

Checks are available in nine colors, including red, burgundy, blue, violet, brown, yellow, gray, green and teal.

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What Tension Customers are Saying

I was having problems finding a dependable supplier for blank 8.5x11 forms with a single perforation. When my sales rep at Tension learned about this issue he developed a solution, getting the paper I needed and stocking it at the warehouse. Now instead of waiting a week to get stock in, I can have the forms I need delivered the next day from Tension.

Mike Melton , Production Manager Medassets

Our partnership with Tension offers a tremendous benefit for Summit Direct Mail, Tension and the clients we both represent. It is a win-win-win all around. Together, using Summit Direct Mail’s printing services and Tension’s lithographic roll converted envelope, we can offer our clients a higher quality product at lower costs and faster speeds.

John Barber , President Summit Direct Mail, Inc.