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Direct Mail Inserts

If It Goes Inside a Direct Mail Envelope, There's a Good Chance We’ve Got It
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You trust Tension to create your direct mail envelopes. Now you can look to Tension for what goes inside: direct mail components and forms that complement the outer envelope.

Tension’s diverse line of direct mail products and components include promotional offer letters, buck slips and membership renewal cards, plus other options to promote your products, offer or organization.

  • Enhance your company’s image with high-quality, color printing.
  • Communicate your message and build brand recognition.
  • Integrate multiple pieces of information into one document.

  • Streamlines Your Process
  • Attracts Attention
  • Enhances Your Offer
  • Highly Customizable
  • Wide Variety of Products

Boost Your Brand

Stand out in the mailbox with quality direct mail inserts and forms
Stand out in the mailbox with quality direct mail inserts and forms

Tie It Together

Work with your Tension Associate for your total mailpiece needs
Work with your Tension Associate for your total mailpiece needs

Engage Recipients

Spark action with scratch-offs, inserts and perforated cards
Spark action with scratch-offs, inserts and perforated cards

Tension offers a wide variety of envelopes, products and forms for your direct mail appeals – all conveniently accessible through your Tension Associate. Cut down the time associated with managing several vendors while enjoying the high level of quality you’ve come to expect from Tension.

Promotional Fliers, Sell Sheets and Brochures

Get noticed! Create sales tools to enhance your latest products and services. Printed in four-color, sell sheets and brochures are ideal for:

  • Trade shows
  • Sales literature
  • Inserts
  • Handouts
  • Buck slips
  • Newsletters
  • Fundraising pieces

All items are available in a variety of paper and folding options.

Multifunctional Forms

Looking for a multi-tasker? Multifunctional forms do the trick. They are optimal for materials including billing statements, and membership and subscription renewals. Combining multiple forms into one document can result in numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost savings
  • Reduced processing time
  • Greater customer interaction

Use these forms to send combined shipping labels and invoices, or return shipping labels and packing lists.

Specialty Integrated Products and Cards

Integrated products engage readers and are ideal for promotions and direct mail. They can save time and money by streamlining multiple tasks into one document. Options include:

  • Membership cards
  • Magnets
  • Scratch-offs
  • Decals

Items are offered in several finishes including specialty laminates. These include scented laminates and “Rub & Smell” laminate options. For markets where security and protection from tampering are necessary, special adhesives may be used on integrated labels.

Integrated cards serve many functions and are available in various styles. From membership and insurance cards, to calendars and coupons, these cards make impressions while filling needs. Protect these cards with laminates. Laminates can be applied to the front, back or both sides of the card depending on thickness, finish and tone. Use custom images or stock logos. Card styles include:

  • Perforated cards
  • Laminated cards
  • Self-encapsulating cards
  • Butterfly cards
  • Fold-over cards

Direct Mail Options

Each of these is highly customizable and can be printed with graphics and colors to match the outside envelope. Tension offers the simplicity of working with one trusted source to create each piece in your direct mail campaign. 

What Tension Customers are Saying

The team at Tension treats us as though we are their number one client. They treat us like they are a small mom and pop shop, but actually they are a large long-standing national company, and we get that backing. You don’t get that kind of customer service from other large envelope manufacturers.

Valerie Jones , Director of Production Kersten Direct

The Tension Design Group helped us increase manufacturing efficiencies for our two-way reusable envelope that were not only cost-effective, but also maintained and improved the customer experience with the ecoEnvelope. The collaboration between the Tension Design Group, their partner ecoEnvelope and the Sprint marketing and corporate responsibility teams was unique in its level of cross-functional engagement.

Keanon Swan , Manager, Strategic Partner Relationships & Postal Strategy, IT/Care & Billing Services Sprint